woensdag 7 december 2016

New blog

For some months (years?) I'm not so interested in making miniatures, not the projects I've showing on this blog. I've been busy with other things. Thus the silence on this blog.

But very recent I fell in love with Maileg. It's a Danish brand. They make cute little mice, rabbits and more. And I couldn't help buying some of their stuff, it's absolutely adorable! And now I want to make things for them, starting with clothes. I bought some to have some guidelines for the making.

Here are my Lily and Rosa. I also have two smaller rabbits, and two mice. But for now I concentrate on these two. A new subject, a new story, and I decided to make a new blog for it: http://lily-rosa.blogspot.nl/. I leave this blog here, as it is, to maybe restart one day. I invite you all to come and take a look on my new blog, and to follow it if you like. Hope you don't mind me making it a Dutch blog, though!


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