zondag 5 februari 2012

Progress on witch

This week I've been busy on the head of the witch. I painted the face and I made a hat for her. The next step will be to glue hair, but before that, I need a haircut myself... ;-)
Bye for now,

7 opmerkingen:

Kikka zei

Wau,You have done a very good looking witch!

Dark Squirrel Victoria zei

I Love your witch!


Nicole zei

Your witch is wonderful, Marit! You're really talented :)

Maria zei

That is for sure a very friendly looking wich.

Chris zei

Wat mooi gemaakt, Marit!

Raminhos de Pano zei

Feliz dia internacional da mulher (08 de março)

Carinho de Fernanda

Raminhos de Pano zei

Feliz Páscoa.