woensdag 16 december 2009

After being absent for a while...

Let me show you what I have been doing besides my main activities of sleeping and working lately:
I've made this little gardenbasket with tools, which can hang on the hooks inside the basket. It was the first time that I made something by wickering, and it shows: the thread is too thick and it's far from straight. I should have tried something more easy, I know. I do not like the basket at all. I thought the thread I used would give it a rough, country look, but it's just out of proportion. And what about that stupid handle? I forced myself to finish it, just for the learning process and now I don't know what to do with it. I do love the little scoop, that does meet my need for perfection.
To make myself happy again, I gave myself an easier task: making little perfumebottles out of beads and tiny metal hearts, always fun, always beautiful. To be honest, I do not need any more bottles, I've already made so many of them, more than any vain dollshouse girl could possibly need. But it's just so much fun!
I also have been busy with my Unimat again, being inspired by the things which are made by Birchcraft (http://www.birchcraft.co.uk/). I'm making two keyrings:
This one is 7 cm in lenght. It has been painted blue, and now I want to paint small flowers, bees, butterflies and dragonflies on it. And this is the other one:

More on them coming soon (I hope).

Bye for now,

2 opmerkingen:

Norma zei

I think that the garden basket is intriguing, perhaps for it's purpose to contain little gardening things (which are lovely BTW) a bit too big as you say, but I'm sure it could have a purpose somewhere ...

Karin Corbin zei

Ask Santa for a set of needle files to help you shape and sand. Diamond coated ones or steel, I like them both. This will help you get rid of all the fuzzy bits too.