woensdag 11 november 2009


On the fair in Arnhem in October I've bought an Unimat 1. I had seen it last year, thought it was a lot of money for just hobby, but missed it all year. Haven't played much with it yet, I've only used its saw, but haven't tried its other possibilities (yet :) ). SO far what I did with it:

It takes a little bit practice, but how wonderful precise one can be with this thing! It doesn't hurt fingers. A bit filing and sanding, and then painting:

These are the first 3 items I made:

The box has different colour of paint on each side:

The chopping board is better visible on photo than in real life. It was so difficult to add the white to the letters! I've started over 3 times!

The anchor will get a place on the door for now. I might put it on a stick or so, not sure yet. The grey paint is in fact silver. Behind it, is an Humbrol paint tin.

Till the next time,


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sylvia zei

Lijkt me een fantastisch apparaat, de dingen die je gemaakt hebt zien er in iedergeval heel mooi uit!

Groetjes Sylvia

Norma zei

I love what that Unimat can do, and what you've done with it. I've never seen one before but after seeing yours I have looked on the internet but can't find a stockist in Australia (altho I will contact the manufacturer and check that for sure) - I see that Hobbys in UK stock it and am waiting to hear back from them regarding shipping costs. I think you should charge the manufactuer for promoting it!! :)

Marit zei

Hi Norma,

Thanks for your messages. I don't seem to be able to write you one, so I hope you read this. The Unimat 1 is called 6-in-1 because it's made of units, with which you can build 6 different machines for sawing, sanding and to be a small wood lathe. But as I said: it's quite expensive and then to use it only as an electric jigsaw... I've seen the same concept as only an electric jigsaw as well, but that didn't suit my needs, but I mean: I think there should be something similar for sale in Australia. But if not, I bought it from a German guy and I should have his e-mail somewhere for ordering spare parts. He should be able to ship it to Australia without a problem, so let me know if you want that address.
Recently I found a site with extra inspiration on what I could be making with it. Not miniature, but maybe you like it as well: www.birchcraft.co.uk.

Hope to hear more from you,

Norma zei

Thanks Marit, not sure why you have had trouble sending me a message. Anyway, my email is normabennett@hotmail.com - try that direct sometime. The cost of shipping from Europe is just too much so I'm still hoping to find an Australian stockist. Did you buy the Basic or the Classic? I should probably look at other options too I suppose. The Birchcraft site is interesting, I love the little woodenhandbags on this page

Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.