zondag 24 januari 2010

Colour advice wanted

Today has been a bad day for my little black cat. I guess he tried to walk on thin ice, because he came back from his daily 5 min walk outside wet from tail to ears. He didn't let me help him dry, but I'm just so happy that he's alright! After he washed himself dry, I spoiled the poor thing by letting him sleep in our bed beneath the blanket. He hasn't left the spot all day!

I've been working on the conservatory again, the floor, the back wall and the door in the wall. The tiles are from Jennifer's Free Printables. I still need to do the joints, but I love the result.

The door will get a leaded window and a shutter for a cat (for me a house without a cat is no home). I want to make a used look by painting it with colour 1 and then with colour 2, and then sand the used parts, so colour 1 will show. But which colours? First I thought colour1 to be white, and colour 2 to be bluegreen like the wall, or a lighter shade. Then I thought colour 1 to be dark grey (which the red part of the outside will become as well) and colour 2 to be white. The light blue-ish grey of the tiles is also a good colour 1 or 2. Or... what do you think, what would you do?


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Lisette zei

Eindelijk zie ik een kattenluikje van poppenhuis.
Mooie vloertegels.

Lirael zei

I would do a darker color as layer 1 and a lighter color as layer 2. Brings out the aged effect more :)
Perhaps the dark brownish grey from the floortiles and then the white from the rest of the woodwork. It gives enough serenity for colored accessories.

Kim zei

I would do darker as layer one and lighter as layer two also. the tiles look wonderful and I LOVE the little cat door!!

Taenia zei

The floor ist fantastic!
Well done :-)


angeles zei

Estas haciendo un trabajo impresionante...me gusta mucho¡¡¡¡

Karin Corbin zei

I think a medium brown wood stain, it is a traditional way to finish a wood door. It will provide a nice contrast to the cool tones and will bring out the small amounts of brown in your floor tiles. A golden oak color with a little of the yellow and orange tones will be the complimentary color to your blue.

b.b.flockling * Rose zei

I love this tile, Marit because you DO have the choice of so many wall colors that would look fabulous. To me, it all depends on the mood you wish to set and that is as individual as your own uniqueness! I like Karin's idea of wood stain to compliment the plants that will eventually be displayed.
So happy your kitty made it home safely...hopefully the wiser!!

Michelle's Mad World zei

On my own conservatory, I did a washy first coat of white chalky emulsion paint and rubbed that down with sandpaper to distress, then I did a washy layer of acrylic paint (brown/reen and little black), which I rubbed over with a cloth before it dried (I did this method with most of the layers of paint). I then did about 2 or 3 coats of the white again, but leaving areas of the browny/green wash especially in the corners of the window's, the doors, etc. I wanted a real aged and worn look to mine...tatty looking..it's mostly done. Doing the inside now.

Michelle :o)


Norma zei

Oh poor little pussy cat :(

Have you made a decision about your door yet? I have a foot in two camps, I like Karin's idea of staining the wood (sanding back to the lighter wood in the 'wear' areas will give you aged look if you want that). On the other hand I like the idea of a white door in a conservatory, with a darker colour underneath which you will reveal with sanding the 'wear' areas. If you haven't done any more since your post how about making a couple of cardboard replicas and trying them in place to see what you think.