zondag 10 januari 2010


Recently I decided to get my conservatory out of storage to make a little garden-project of it, instead of adding it to my dream house (which I will build one day, if ever). The first miniature I made for my new project is this weather-vane:

It's not only decorative, it also works, of course. Here some pictures of the making process:

The ornaments are from Tiny Turnings, I sawed the arrow and the bird.
So far, all I made has been made pretty, well painted, clean, just the way you would buy it in a shop. In real life I do not like the old look given to new furniture by sanding the corners, adding uneveness and sometimes even a dirty glaze. In my opinion new needs to look new, and things with history may show history, but not too much. Your work, and also the book of Lea Frisoni, made me see that in a dollshouse a used look adds charm, makes a dollshouse more realistic. So I did the unnatural thing: after finishing my beautiful weather-vane, I made it ugly and dirty. I did the same to the conservatory, and then added the weather-vane. I'm quite happy with the result, but also a bit sad about the loss of beauty... Here's the result:

I hope to show you more of the garden-project soon.

Bye for now,

5 opmerkingen:

Josje zei

I love your conservatory and weather vane. The aged and weathered look gives it a certain charm which in turn makes it beautiful again.

synnøve zei

The conservatory and the vane looks great!
Making miniatures look old and used, gives them the look a lot of us wants to achieve; "The real look" !!! :=)

Kim zei

The weather vane is fantastic! I used to be the same-I prefer new- but I have to admit that the used and worn look in minis does add such a nice touch of realism and character. Beautiful blog!!

Susanne zei

Hi Marit, The weather vane looks fantastic, very good work. I´m also making a conservatory/orangerie..if you want to have a look its on miniaturedreams.blogspot.com
I´m looking forward to follow your work!

Lisette zei

Hoi Marit,

De serre is prachtig en de windwijzer super Geweldig idee.

Groetjes Lisette