maandag 10 mei 2010

Bird cage

A while ago Norma of Make Mine Mini showed a birdcage in one of her posts (click here to see the post). In real life I always feel a bit sorry for birds in a cage. A symbol of freedom caged... No, a bird should be able to spread their wings and fly! I wish I could!
But birds as well as birdcages can be so beautiful! And when I saw the one Norma showed, I thought of soldering one. A miniature bird wouldn't mind to be caged, would he?
The bird is made of Fimo with feathers of a peacock glued on it (hooray to my childhood collections!). A peacock feather excists of many small, perfect miniature feathers. Each little feather is glued separately onto the body. The eyes are little bolls of tin from the soldering.
Beneath the bird is a tray with a piece of paper to collect the birdshit and loose feathers:
And this is how it started:
The cage has gotten an eyelet to hang from. I had some ideas for a soldered post to hang it on, but my creativity has less limits than my soldering-qualities. But when I showed my husband my plans, he liked the idea and already started on it :). So to be continued...


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Ascension zei

El pajaro, te ha quedado precioso, una gran idea.
Volvere para seguir con la clase.
besitos ascension

Susanne zei

Looks very great, Marit! The bird is very cute, and the birdcage is lovely, but I don´t know if I can find out how to make it, I never tryed soldering. Looking forward to see part two ;-)
Love, Susanne

Merry Jingle zei

It's wonderful :)


Annie zei

Absolutely stunning!!! I amazed how you can make that tiny bird.

Like Susanne I´ve never tried soldering before. One thing I sure have to try, and I believe I can get an old soldering iron from my dad... Then Susanne and I can make a soldering weekend together, while sipping champagne :0)

Marit zei

Thanks for your nice comments!
@Annie and Susanne: if you could get Annie's dad to give you a lesson in how-to, sure try. There are so many beautiful things to make. One of my favourite blogs is that of Rosy Anne: http://rosyanneg.blog81.fc2.com/blog-category-3.html
Curious to see what you make of the champagne-wire... :)


Norma zei

Oh Marit it's FABULOUS!! I am so in love with mini birdcages at the moment (altho like you I hate the idea of confined birds!) and this is a beauty, and the little bird is just amazing.

Is it ok to post a pic with a link back here on my blog? (and thanks for linking to me by the way) - it's such a wonderful follow-up story. (And I'll go to Brenda's blog and leave her a note to come and see what you've done - she's the one who posted the original little cage pic).

Hope those Danish girls don't get too enthusiastic with the champagne and metal work combination! Could lead to all sorts of trouble LOL

Ingrid zei

The birdcage is very beautiful and lovely
groetjes Ingrid

rosanna zei

Fabolous!! I love it to bits. Rosanna

Brenda@Cozy Little House zei

That's great! That was my little bird cage she was showing. But I didn't make it myself. Love your idea!

Flora zei

Marit you know, I think like you, but keep a bird in this lovely miniature cage can forgive :-)
I am against hunting but I saw a beautiful pheasant that not died a natural death (!!!) would hanging fine in my Victorian kitchen ...

Tallulah Belle zei

WOW this is amazing...well done.

dale zei

That is so cool, you've done a wonderful job. :)

Flor zei

¡Hola Marit!!
Primero que nada ¡felicidades por tus 100 seguidores!! yo soy la 101 ( =
La jaula estas hermosa!!