maandag 24 mei 2010

A shelf for the conservatory

My husband made me a shelf for the conservatory.

The shelf still needs a second coat of paint, but then again, much of the white will not be visible later, as the ground will get grass and a path. It's nice to see how it gets shape now. I want to make a stone wall at the back, like the conservatory is placed against that wall. Then a low wall surrounding it, with the 'metal' fence on it. I won't be using the entire fence, just the upper halve.
As you can see, I also made some hydrangas from a kit.

The thing I like about this kit is that it had flowers in it with different sizes and different shades of blue, making it more realistic. I still need to add some leaves, I think. I also think I need to add some more colour variation on the leaves. The pots are bought, but adjusted to my taste (other knobs, painted, made older, etc).
Also some other goodies I bought for the conservatory. There's more, too much for just this conservatory, but these certainly will get a place here.
As promised the progress on the birdcage-stand, which my husband makes for me:

The stand will get an other birdcage though. I think a cage with a 'tower' on each side will look more beautiful! I also want to combine wire with wood on it. The stand itselve is not ready yet: it needs curls made of iron threads. One curl is easy, but how do you get more curls which look the same? Any suggestions?

Bye for now,

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Susanne zei

Wauw Marit, love the birdcage stand, its gonna be a great conservatory!
Love, Susanne

Flora zei

Hi Marit. The collection is of great scenic effect, from your description I can imagine that the finished work will be delicious. Unfortunately I have no advice to give you about the cage: with wire I'm a duffer :-)

Annie zei

It´s such a pretty conservatory and the idea of making a stonewall at the back will surely look great.

The birdcage stand is fantastic. And a birdcage with towers...wow, can´t wit to see that. I´ve made jewelry and know how difficult it is to get more curls look similar. I might help you if you bend it around something, like a knittingpin instead of using the plier...

dale zei

This is going to be just lovely. You've got a great start with these items. I love the bird cage. :)

Chris zei

Hoi Marit, wat leuk dat je op mijn blog langs kwam en wat heb jij een mooie dingen gemaakt. De conservatory (heb ik ook, nog kaal) wordt prachtig. Heel slim en mooi gedaan die deur achterin en de verweerde look. Ik blijf je volgen!!

Susan zei

You can make a jig for bending the wire around, like the jig I made for wire coathangers.

Margaret zei

Hi Marit, your conservatory looks great and I love your birdcage and little bird. The stand is lovely that your husband made and will look even better with some curls. I have been having fun making tiny metal candelabras and have just tried to make a pair. It is difficult to get the curls exactly the same. I haven't tried using a jig but something like that might be useful.

miniacollection zei

Your conservatory is gorgeous. It's going to be great.

michelle zei

Wauw, Marit dat ziet er mooi uit! en de vogelkooi met staander is prachtig!!

Norma zei

Wonderful stand for the birdcage :) And I love the colour of those hydrangeas, this is goiong to be a fabulous conservatory!

Pan zei

Hi Marit. The conservatory is so cute. It will look wonderful on the shelf.

Peach Blossom Hill zei

So glad to have found your lovely blog through Norma from Make Mine Mini and I am your 100th follower! I've added your blog to my list and hope you'll visit me as well! I love your bird cage and your conservatory!


Caseymini zei

I just found your blog through Norma's Make Mine Mini also. The birdcage is beautiful. After I sign on as a follower, I wll be reading it all.

May zei

Hola Marit. Que preciosidad de invernadero estas haciendo, me encantan todos los detalles y la hortensia que has hecho.
Besitos, May

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