zaterdag 7 augustus 2010


My hobbyroom has a door to a roofterrace, where I can do dirty work as sanding, take pictures of my work in good light, feed the birds out of reach of my cat, or just sit and enjoy the view (preferably with a glass of rosé wine and the evening sun). It's raining now, but look who visited me on the terrace last week:

I have more welcoming to do, many new followers!
So a warm welcome to:
Kim@Fairytale Cottage

I hope you all will like it here and leave many nice comments :-).


5 opmerkingen:

ShellbyFay zei

Thank you for such a lovely welcome Marit :D

Glenda zei

Thankyou for the lovely welcome - the butterfly on the daisies is such a beautiful photo.
Your roof terrace sounds like heaven!

Marit zei

Yes, my roofterrace is heaven. Especially because we had planned to do major things with the rest of the garden and didn't look after it, so downstairs nature has taken over. But upstairs it's all flowers :-).


Patty zei

Thanks Marit......here is the active link to my blogspot. I don't know why everyone is having trouble finding it when they are posting links of their new followers. I wish I was savvy enough to know what to do....LOL


Eva zei

The primulas are wonderful but the bench is gorgeous too.