maandag 2 augustus 2010

Little creatures

I want to finish the base of the conservatory, so I can glue it on the wall and shelf, but this sure isn't my best week.
I've put scrappaper beneath the windows, and the windowsills are ready to be put in, but first I had to glue the acryllic glass back in again. But the glue I used reacted with the acryllic glass, didn't glue, became runny and left white stains on it... In other words: the glass is ruined. In the proces I pushed a window ornament out (easy to fix) and broke one of the hinges of the door (beyond repairing). So I need new glass and hinges, before I can go further here.

I thought I could make some small creatures of Fimo, to live in the garden. Here they are:

A hanging mouse:

A mouse on a pin (to put on a stem of a plant or flower):

A dragonfly (only 5 mm in lenght, with 6 legs and musquito-wings!):

A mole:

And 5 snails:
Yes, I did say 5, I did make 5, but one never made it to the oven (was found in my hair (?) later), and the other two with real snail-houses didn't survive my clumsyness... (see first picture) As I said, this week was not a good week for me to work in miniature.

They all need a bit of paint and some need some flock, but even the mega-scrap-shop nearby didn't have that, did not even know it exists. Thank God for webshops! Now I just have to wait till the postman brings me my glass, hinges and flock (and the other nice stuff I saw in those webshops ;) ). 

Have a nice week!


10 opmerkingen:

Flora zei

How wonderful! The animals are made with incredible skill ...
Imagine if this was not a good week to create miniatures :-)
The snails are adorable.
A big hug, Flora

Merry Jingle zei

The little creatures are wonderful! And I know the feeling when almost everything goes wrong, I usually stop there and let everything be alone for a couple of days :)

Heather zei

Great job. So small. So cute!

Glenda zei

Brilliant!! I love the snails.

Daydreamer zei

Your tiny garden creatures are DIVINE, Marit! I agree with the others.....if this was a not good week...! But I know what you mean with all the other things going wrong.... thank heavens for the web shops! I can't wait to see your creatures finished!

Marion zei

Yeah, I know the feeling!!! But, on the other hand, if this wasn't your best week, I wouldn't want to know what you would do in your good weeks... Your little creatures are fantastic. I've just done some fimo work, but don't think I would be able to do it soooo small. Look at the details! You must have real good eye sight. Well done.

Norma zei

Oh dear, rotten luck re the windows. I really like the paper under the sill.

And those little creatures are wonderful!!

otterine zei

Your sculpted creatures are so magnificent! You are very skilled! :D

Lia e Alma zei

Bravissima seguiremo volentieri il tuo blog

Gonda's miniature zei

O so very cute this little animals, love it, great job.