maandag 18 oktober 2010


The last weeks I got myself through my working hours dreaming about miniature making at a table next to a woodburner, cup of tea, glancing outside every now and then, seeing nothing else than coloured leaves and birds... and most important: NOTHING ELSE TO DO! Well, we just came back from that autumn holiday, and we had such wonderful weather, that I almost did no miniature working! :-)
But this is what I did:
I sewed a bag and sawed a little bench.
I haven't glued the bench yet, still deciding if I will use it to make more.

And now back to work again, and no holidayplans to dream about...


9 opmerkingen:

Caseymini zei

Cute bag and bench. Good job on both. I love them.

cockerina zei

is very beautiful, congratulations!
I'm curious to know, as you have done your heart pierced in the bench? which technique you use? the drill?
if you feel like, on my blog I am organizing an international swap Christmas.
you want to join? Come read my blog!
thanks and many kisses!


La bolsa está muy bonita. Unos colores ideales.
El banco muy bien tallado, ese corazon en el centro está perfecto. Me encantan.
Besos Clara

Ascension zei

La mesa es fantastica, me encanta como la has tallado.
La bolsita te ha quedado genial.
besitos ascension

miniacollection zei

Gorgeous bag and bench.

Marit zei

Thanks for all your nice comments!
Caterina, I answered your question on your blog.


Peeters Liliane zei

Bedankt om een bericht achter te laten op mijn blog. Inderdaad mijn elfjes zijn niet groot maar jouw miniatuurtjes zijn zo klein ik denk als ik die moest maken dit mij absoluut niet zou lukken, Chapeau hoor voor jouw kunnen.
Nu voor op je vraag terug te komen ik gebruik pro sculpt een heerlijke klei om mee te werken.

Merylu zei

I love that bench! It's adorable :)
Hello, I'm a new follower ;)

cockerina zei

Marit Hi, thanks very much for the information on the wooden tunnel, and best wishes for the Christmas swap!
I pierced my heart I would try to do it alone, I'm a bit of time .... I would love to have shutters across the windows, but there are many windows in my cabin!
Thank you for your offer, maybe in some time I could ask you a swap for some small object.
thanks again, good day!
kisses, Caterina