donderdag 21 oktober 2010


(the result of an evening turning and twisting metal tread and soldering it)

I have new followers!
Lataina (please let me know if you have a blog!)

A warm welcome to you all and I hope you will enjoy my blog!


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cockerina zei

Marit Hi, thanks very much, the explanation of the tunnel, the heart!
I find this very interesting topic, because in the style of my house in the mountains I would like to insert an object with this type of tunnel.
I do not have a power drill, but with your instructions, I can still try to make a heart pierced with a drill and a hacksaw manual ... :))
you can participate in the swap for Christmas, because the deadline for entries is 29 November. you think you can do? I hope so.
I definitely still organize other swap in the future, but why do not you try this now?
I hope to add your name to the list, give me confirmation!
thanks a lot
Have a good day!

Flor zei

¡Me gusta muchísimo!!!!

Dark Squirrel Victoria zei

Thank you for the Welcome!

Victoria ♥


¡Preciosa bienvenida! Un trabajo muy original y las soldaduras muy limpias. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo con el alambre.
Besos Clara

miniaturista zei

Un cartel de bienvenida en pequeño perfecto

Giulia zei

Hello Marit!! I really really love your blog and your works! I think your conservatory is adorable, and what about your cages? They make me crazy!
Kisses Giulia

Terelo zei

Muy buen trabajo y original.