woensdag 3 november 2010

Gift from Norma!

Some time ago I send Norma some items, and she told me that she would make me a swap.  She made me a daybed for the beachhouse:
Isn't it just lovely? The matress can be reversed, and the other side has the complementary fabric:

The beachhouse is still under construction and quite empty, so I have nothing yet to show the daybed in a scene, except for the kitchentiles. But the colours mix so well!

Thanks again Norma! I am very happy with it!

18 opmerkingen:

cockerina zei

is a beautifully coordinated! good Norma!!!
I also like the tiles! I'm curious to see your new home ...
kisses, Caterina

Margaret zei

Norma's gift is beautiful, lovely seat and cushions, she is so multi-skilled. Great colour match too!

Lataina zei

This is really lovely. Pretty colors and such a beautiful piece. =)

Rosamargarita zei

Que precioso regalo de Norma, quedará perfecto en la casa de playa.

Susan zei

Just one word, Beautiful! Such a pretty peaceful place to sit. It will be a wonderful addition to your project.

Glenda zei

Norma's work is beautiful!!
This is such a pleasing piece :)

Ana zei

Es una tela y una combinación preciosa¡¡¡ . Felicidades¡¡¡

Flora zei

Norma has a style so simple and clean ...
A truly precious gift :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Patty zei

Marit, What an incredible swap gift from Norma!! The day bed is made so well and looks perfect for a beach cottage!!! I love the kitchen tile that you have!!

rosanna zei

It's wonderful! I love it!Norma is really good.


Un sofá ideal para la playa. Los colores perfectos. Muy buen trabajo. Norma ha acertado.
Ese suelo que he visto es muy bonito. Ya tengo ganas de ver tu casa. Pero tambien sé lo que cuesta hacer.
Besos Clara

Nina zei

A beautiful gift - so nice.
I like it.

Sharon zei

Beautiful blog! I have two black cats and they make me feel lucky too!

Norma zei

I suppose I shouldn't admit that the colour co-ordination of the fabric with the kitchen tiles is more good luck than good management ;) It was a pleasure to make this little daybed for you Marit, I can't wait to see you working on the beach-house.

Terelo zei

Precioso el color. Norma ha acertado de lleno.
Felicidades a ambas.

Nadia zei

Dat ziet er echt prachtig uit! ♥

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski zei

Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog. http://weelittlewest.blogspot.com/

the9thwaveguesthouse zei

It is really lovely!!