zondag 6 januari 2013

X-mas house part 10: outside

I didn't succeed in getting my little Christmas House ready before Christmas, but the winter is not over yet. In fact, it still hasn't started, just one night of snow, which was also the night our central heating stopped working... Here some pictures of how it is now:

The little light clamped at the side of the door is made by my husband, could he be infected with the miniature virus as well?!? It's really lovely, better pictures of it will come in a next post.

I love those lighted pots in 1:1.

The snowman excist of 2 styrofoam balls, with fake snow glued on them. He still needs a face and clothing.

And here is how I made it:
The path is made of airdrying clay. I used a pattern-sheet to make bricks. Let show that a bit closer:

See? This sheet is bought, but a lot of packages for food have texture as well, similar to tiles.

While drying I fitted the grass.

It comes from a shop for model trains. I choose the darkest shade, but I still think it's too light of colour. So I make a mixture of water and watercolourpaint, and spray it on it, as brushing affects the texture of the grass. I use an used and empty hairspraybottle, as the paint will block the nozzle eventually. 

When the clay was dry, I painted it a brownish greenish shade, trying to get a mixture of colours. Then I applied darker colours between the "stones", a very easy job, as the paint flows into the channels.

The stonework itselve got a reddish padding on it.

The dried result.

The snow shovel was made of a tealight cup...

... and pressed carefully into some more airdrying clay at the borders of the path the snow shovelled of the path.

Then fake snow was glued all over the place, except for the cleaned path. The thingie in the grass is the lightbulb for the pot of the Chrstmastree.

The pot was made of a piece of plastic foil, painted in white, a plastic bottle-cap to wrap the foil around, and a border made of a tealight cup, using pattern-scissors and a punch.

The end result.

I wish I could visit some of your blogs, but I don't get the pages loaded. I didn't get into my account at first as well, and it took 6 times to get the pictures uploaded. So now I first get some sleep, and hopefully tommorow blogger will make me a happy blogger, instead of the grumpy blogger I am now!


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17-17 zei

This scene is lovely, I like the lighting.

Beatriz Fernández zei

Me gusta mucho la escena y también ir leyendo como fuiste haciendo cada cosa. Gracias por compartir!!

Ilona zei

Ja vóór Kerst iets afkrijgen met de feestdagen voor de deur is mij ook niet gelukt :D! Het jouwe ziet er erg mooi uit tot nu toe, Marit. Het is een heel werk om te doen, leuk dat je de verschillende bouwfases laat zien, dankjewel.
Jammer dat je blogspot kuren heeft, gewoon volhouden ;)!
Groetjes, Ilona

El mundo de PADI zei

Que bello te ha quedado!!! me encantan tus trabajos.Besos

Merenwnen zei

Really lovely! I think the snowman will be amazing at the end :). I'm making a tiny x'mas house too... oh, sorry, in fact I'm making whole x'mas village, but I started two years ago and now my village is... in a lot of small pieces like one or two not done yet houses, stable for reindeers without the roof, a few christmas cakes... So I am supporting you all the more :). And I'll be watching your blog!

rose cat cottage zei

Beautiful Marit and it is really nice to follow all the steps, all of the time I am speechless because you are getting just a piece of that a little bit of that and Pouf, magic: an other new mini arrives! Happy New Year!
And don't worry we will follow you until it is finished,
Good to have the help of your husband, good beginning! I give up to do a winter scene without any snow out... and Xmas was so busy...
and so many nice blogs as yours had or have work so nicely, more easy to follow than to do...LOL

Doei, claude

Kim zei

It looks so sweet- I especially love the snowman-even without his face yet! The shovel is wonderful too- I love how you use things you have. I have a drawer full of saved treasures too and you always inspire me to dig through it with new eyes :)

Melli´s Hobby zei

Beautyful cottage!
Thanks for showing how you made it!

Gonda zei

Erg mooi geworden Marit,zowel binnen als buiten erg sfeervol en leuke details,bedankt dat je laat zien hoe je de dingen maakt.
Met licht is ook altijd erg mooi,hoe heb je dat gedaan,bv onder de kerstboom,wat gebruik je,batterijen??

AM zei

Great scene, very inspiring!

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy zei

Wow , me encanta tu blog, haces cosas maravillosas, si te apetece podemos mantener el contacto. Besitos.


maria l. zei

Beautiful scene

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Me encanta, te va ha quedar una escena preciosa:-)