zondag 10 november 2013

Almost a year has past...

...since my last post. And what a year!

A year ago I posted after a long absence as well, due to my health problems (chronic fatigue syndrome). I predicted that I would get time to live again in the next year, one way or another. I saw two options: getting healthy or losing my job. And guess what: I did both! 

I started a health program for people with chronic fatigue or pain in January. In my case my body had to deal with a lack of vitamin B12 for a very long time (years), and it has been solved quickly (weeks) with injections. The idea is that the brain can't deal with that, and stays in protective mode. The method is to start at zero, and doing a little bit more every week, little steps so the brain can see that the body can handle that. Only steps forward, never back. And it worked!
In the meanwhile we moved for the second time: from our temporary home to a very small, old house surrounded by trees. Our new house is 200 km from where I worked, and I had a little apartment where I stayed 3 days a week to go to my job. I liked my job, I loved my colleagues, but the director has been very non supportive towards me and my illness, to say it mildly. He has found ways to lower my wages multiple times, but instead of telling me that, he would do that behind my back, without telling my manager either. Most ways were probably not even allowed by law, but find a way to defend yourself when you have chronic fatigue syndrome...
So when I was healthy again, I still struggled with having to work in the same building as the director, as well as living half of the week somewhere where I did not want to be. The worldwide crisis was the solution. Someone had to go...

So here I am: in good health, in a new beautiful environment, searching for a new fun job, starting a new happy life, a country life. :)

But enough of that. Our new house is beautiful situated, but only has one bedroom. There are two small rooms adjacent to the living room (2x2 m), where we both have a little working area. This is mine. The desk opposite of the one in the picture has my computer on it.

Coming from a normal size bedroom as a hobbyroom, this is too small. I have no room to display my dollshouses or to keep all my stuff. And I may not have been able to make things, I did gather a whole lot of materials and ideas over these past few years! The solution is in the garden:

It will be absolutely beautiful after it's been painted in pastel colours. But it's not ideal. It has a gas-heater, but I won't be able to keep this place frostfree during wintertime. We have plans to isolate it, as well as we have plans to extend the house, so I'll have my perfect room in the future. 

And this is what makes this place so special to me: as I walked up to the cabin to make this pictures this morning. I saw a deer at the end of our garden. Do you see it to? You can see the leg and white tail left of the tree, and the smoke of its breath on the right.
It heard me, so he ran away. It was the male who I see here more often. One of his antlers is shorter than the other. This is him too, captured by our wildlife camera:

 I started working on the conservatory again. This is how it looks now:
The lower walls are finished now. And did I show you mister mole?
He wouldn't be so happy if he knew what I do to his real life family... I don't like it myself either, but I tried the mole-friendly traps, and they just don't work.

I hope my next post will be sooner :). And thanks for your patience, all those followers who stayed, and I even gained followers!

Have a nice week!

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anna zei

It is nice to se you back! so many news, and interesting, as well as encouraging to people who might have similar health problems! I am sorry to read about the problems at work...it must have been horrible! Wishing you all the best now and much much happiness at the new home and with all plans! I hope you don't mind me cmmenting...i am just a follower...but i felt quite touched by reading your story! Many greetings, Anne

Michelle zei

I had noticed that you hadn’t been about and I’m sorry to read that you’ve been so unwell for sooooo long! I’ve known 2 friends over the years who suffered from the same problem, but not nearly as long!!! Vitamin B12 deficiency is a serious one, the lack of it affects the nervous system and brain functionality and so easily remedied as you stated here with a course of injections.

I think you’re far better off being out of that particular workplace and manager, what a horrid man! :o(

Your new home and work place is delightful! I’ve very recently moved myself and needed a new work space and display area for my mini’s. Where I lived before I had a craft room in the house and a greenhouse that was converted into a summerhouse. I have a newly built cabin in my new garden which I am in the process of electrifying etc. I have no idea what Dutch winters are like. British ones are damp, I now live in a much colder part of the UK where it’s not only damp, but very cold and we get a lot of snow. Minis etc are fine if in a cold environment, but the damp is an issue. In my Summerhouse I had an electric greenhouse heater that kicked in when it reached a certain temperature, so it was frost free, but as I say the cold isn’t the issue here. I don’t know how thick your cabin walls are or the type windows that you have. If you go for insulation, make sure its fire proof. :o)) The best test is…if your soft furnishings aren’t showing any signs of damp then you have good air circulation and this is really the important thing here and so your minis are fine. You have a wonderful gas heater that will keep you snug whilst you work in there. :O) The only thing I noticed that the cold affected (and high temperatures) are some paints, glues and aerosols, you may want to bring these in the house over the winter and take what you need out to your cabin when you want to work out there. :O)

Wishing you well,
Michelle :o))

Peggy zei

Welcome back!
Wat fijn dat je er weer aan toe bent om je bezig te houden met het miniaturen. Wat een jaar heb je achter de rug, ongelooflijk. Wat fijn dat alles nu weer beter gaat en wat woon je in een prachtige omgeving. Het chalet in je tuin wordt een prachtig paradijsje straks.
Ik wens je heel veel succes en zorg goed voor jezelf.
Alle liefs,

Idske de Jong zei

Fijn dat je er weer bovenop bent! Het chalet in de tuin is geweldig en met een beetje isoleren, wordt het vast een geweldige werkruimte.
Ik heb recentlijk een werkhoek gemaakt in mijn zoon's slaapkamer (hij is naar de universiteit en komt alleen met kerst, pasen en de zomer vakantie thuis) en alhoewel het een verbetering is, werkt het toch niet helemaal omdat veel materialen en andere spullen overal in huis verspreid zijn. Ik zoek me suf! Ik vind het dus altijd leuk om te zien hoe werkruimtes van anderen eruit zien! Misschien als ik alles naast elkaar leg, geeft het me een idee hoe ik dit probleem kan oplossen in mijn engelse cottage!

My Journey To Celebrating Life zei

Happy to read that you are feeling better and found a solution to work for you. Keep going and everything will work out for you. Miniatures are so much fun and helps us to keep going to finish another beautiful project. Sometimes when our health and job situation seem too much to bear, it is only for a little while. Keep the smile and know that all is well in your life. Hugs, Felma

Susan zei

Welcome back to miniature blog world!! I'm so glad you have found some help for your CFS issues and I hope you have good results for many years. Your new work studio is wonderful! I wish you peace and joy in your new home.

I too have CFS (40 years) but b12 is not a miracle for me, it only helps a bit.

Marit zei

Thank you all for your kind words!
@Anna: there is no such thing as "just a follower", friendly comments are always appreciated!

Cinderella Moments zei

Hi Marit! B12! I had no idea. Wow! At least you found an answer. That must feel great. I'm glad things are getting better. And don't worry about that job. You'll find the place you need to be soon. Just God's way of pushing you out of the wrong place and into the perfect next step. You'll be fine and even better off then you were.
Your work spaces are wonderful. I love the conservatory. It is fantastic. You do marvelous work!

Norma zei

Great to see you back here Marit, you have been missed!! It's great that you are feeling better, not so great maybe that you lost your job but it doesn't sound like the best environment to be in anyway. How wonderful to have a new place in such an exciting environment, with such interesting 'visitors', and I'm sure the cabin is going to be fantastic although the cold in the winter is going to be a challenge to overcome.

Lovely to see the conservatory again! So looking forward to watching you work on some of your projects again.