woensdag 10 maart 2010


What's the English word for a small candle in an aluminium cup? In Dutch we call it waxine-light or tea-light (as it can be used to keep the tea warm). I had used a bit of the aluminium to cover my ugly and uneven glue-job on the cat-flip on the door of the conservatory, and was waiting for the glue to dry. While waiting, I played a bit with the tools and materials on the table. And this came out:
All I used were a aluminium cup, an embossing pen and a few punches:

The aluminium gets a bit of a silvery look by the embossing pen. Not sure what to do next with it, but I think it looks decorative.

This is the finished cupboard, by the way. I thought I would glue it on the wall, but now I know how difficult to put something in it (and I want to be able to change that according to my liking or the season), I think it would be better if I could still get it off the wall if I want to. Anyway, this week I have great difficulty to get things straight (for example see the hooks...), so I leave that for now. I did finish the embroidery, now it needs to get framed.

Next time more progress on the door.

Bye for now,

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Merry Jingle zei

Looks really nice :) And that's great idea to use the punches for the foil, I have to try mine!


Kim zei

WOW- the foil pieces are awesome- great idea!! Love the little shelf and the embroidery too- so sweet!!

Ingrid zei

Heb jij dat prachtig borduur werkje gemaakt? wat een mooie kleuren!


Susanne zei

Marit! You are so creative, I have tried to use the foil (and the the little round thing inside, which I have used for lamps) several times, but never came to think of this. It´s brilliant, and I love the french lilly (an all the others)! If you know a great place to buy punches in mini, please let me know, there are only a few places i DK as fare as I know, and with a very small selection.
Lov Susanne

synnøve zei

Great idea to use the punches like that. Your shelf is so nice :) but if you don't glue it, do you use Blue Tack? I find BT not so good on a bit heavier items.... but know no alternative. Very nice embroidery too :)

Norma zei

What a clever idea!

There is a product called Tacky Wax that is made specifically for the job of holding things in place, but that may be moved later. I haven't bought any yet but hope there is some at the miniatures fair here in May. It is used by many museums in their displays. You can buy it online from quite a lot of miniature suppliers. In the meantime I'm still using Blue Tac too but I believe the proper wax is much much better.

sylvia zei

Leuk dat ponsje!
Je borduurwerkje is ook heel mooi geworden.

Groetjes Sylvia

Marit zei

Thanks for all your nice comments!

@Ingrid: Ja, dat heb ik zelf geborduurd op stof van een oude linnen broek... In de zak was deze nog mooi. In 1:1 heb ik tot nu toe altijd op een lichte kleur stof geborduurd, maar ik denk dat ik daar ook maar eens lichte kleuren op een donkere stof moet proberen.

@Susanne: I've bought most of my punches at a local hobbyshop specialised in scrapbooking. They have many punches, but no website. Sillysisters have a few: http://www.sillysisters.nl/ponsen-c-37_41.html (if you click on the items, you can read how large or small the punched thingy will be).
I could make some photo's of punches of my hobbyshop, so you can see if there's anything you'd like me to send to you. Let me know if you would like that.

@Synnove and Norma: I have Tacky Wax, and it sounds the same like Bleu Wax. I used it on the small items on the shelf, but it would not hold the shelf itselve. And the wall is of real paper, so wax would stain. I wish I had thought about the hanging of the shelf before, then I would have put a metal sheet beneath the paper and used a small magnet in the shelf. Maybe I'll use a magnet anyway. Else it will be hooks on the wall and holes in or on the shelf. Still thinking on that.


Liberty Biberty zei

Marit, the shelf looks beautiful!
I use Blu-Tack (made by Bostik) to stick everything on the dollhouse walls so I can move things around easily - because I like to change things often!
Blu-tack is very different to tacky wax, I use it for lots of things on the 1:1 house walls too.

Pandora zei

The little shelf is very sweet.