woensdag 3 maart 2010

Update conservatory

As promised: an update on my conservatory. This is how it looks now:
I cannot work on one thing alone: my mind is already busy with the next thing, and I can't help starting on that too. So I did a few other things, while busy on the door and not having finished my embroidery yet. 
The bricks outside were high gloss red, very ugly, so I painted them in a blended mat grey. I redid the joints, and afterwards painted them with watercolour, as they were too white. Then I added some moss. Still need to add some moss to the rest of the conservatory as well, looks great. This is the result:
I had bought some ornaments for the windows at Bindels Ornaments. They sell all kinds of metal ornamental pieces for the use in dollshouses. Of course the ornaments were 'golden', so they needed to be painted white and then made old, rusty and dirty.

I think the result is more beautiful then shows on the pictures!
Then of course, I still busy with the door to the none-existing house. It takes lots and lots of layers of white paint to cover the dark grey beneath! I also made a small cupboard, which I gave the same dark grey treatment, before painting it white, again and again and again...

Now it needs to dry thoroughly before I can work on making the old look.

It looks here like spring is finally coming, but they say it's going to snow again this weekend... I'll see if it will be dollshouse or garden this weekend!

Bye for now,

6 opmerkingen:

Susanne zei

Great work, Marit! I like the way you have patinated the outside of the conservatory, I have a job there to do with my Orangerie too. And very effective adds on the stonewall.
The ornaments on the windows looks very fine too. I have been experimenting with some in my Brocante-store too, but not with such good results. I tried to paint on the windows with a stencil, and to paint some stickers white as an alternative. Nothing went out as I liked it. In the "good old days" you could by fonds in different sizes and colors, as rub-on-letters (works very well on glass), but it seems to have dissapeared from the marked.
Greeting, Susanne

Lisette zei

De Ornamenten van Bindels is geweldig. Maar van jou op de raam plakken. Leuk bedacht. Ik zal onthouden. Verder is jouw serre erg mooi geworden.

Victoria zei

I like all the small details you put. Should have taken lots of time.The result is fantastic, looks very authentic. I loved the door - reminds me I should finish it too for my dollhouse.

synnøve zei

It looks wonderful! I love the window decorations, a very clever idea!

Merry Jingle zei

Wonderful job! I especially love the moss, it looks so real.


Master_JuliaS zei

An amazing job ! Every detail is thought out, everything is neatly and accurately ! Let's be friends - come to visit, because I 'll be here often! )))