woensdag 31 maart 2010

Slow progress

I made this little heart the way I descibed in the post before this one. I used a rubber mat to make the heart extra hollow. I made the edges flat again by using the embossing pen on the other side of the heart. I made two hearts and glued them together with the knot of the thread on the inside. It now hangs on the shelf.

The shelf hangs by the use of magnetic tape and a metal sheet. The magnetic tape is not very strong. It's designed for the use on paper, so one can put up photo's or children's drawings on the fridge or on a wall which has been painted with iron-paint. My husband is getting me stronger, industrial magnetic tape, but this will do for now.
I also put up the embroidery the same way. I'm not totally happy with the way it's framed. I wanted to use a passe-partout, but I didn't get it straight.

Yes, the door hangs too, including cat-flip. Blacky still figures out if he will like this or not... My real cat only uses it when he's not able to convince one of us to open the door for him, he has such a hard life! ;)

I had much trouble getting the hinges of the door right. This is the third type of hinge I tried, and it finally worked.
I used coloured plastic in the window of the door. I want to put a light behind the door, like if the lights are on in the non-existing house. The colours are not very visible on the picture, but are two types of blue.

This is all for now. It goes much slower than I would wish to, but my life is not a Harry Potter movie, so I can only use my time once, and not much on dollshouses lately.

Happy Easter!

11 opmerkingen:

rosanna zei

Marit,it's really cute. I'll have a try for my handles. Best wishes Rosanna

Kim zei

I love the necklace- wonderful! The kitty and cat door are so adorable too!

Norma zei

Everything is so lovely Marit! The little cat door (and the little cat) really made me smile, what a great idea :)

Pandora zei

I think it looks great! Lots of inspiration here for me when I finally redecorate my old house. Winter has returned for Easter! Hope it is nicer weather for you.

Michelle's Mad World zei

I think this looks simply great! It's a lovely little scene, the door and little wall cabinet is wonderful. Mini's do take time and yes, real life does take over!

Michelle xx

Gonda's miniature zei

Een heel mooi huisje wordt dit met veel leuke details het idee met de waxine lichtjes, erg goed.

Debbie zei

Marit I just love how you've made this scene. Beautiful. xx

Move With Me zei

its gorgeous.. and thanks for the welcome..Cheers

hannajaleijona zei

How wonderful it all looks!

Thank you for sharing the idea of embossing aluminium. I love the colours you use here!


Kathi zei

Beautiful! My favorite color too!
Love the little kitty.

Master_JuliaS zei

This is incredible! Such a small vane and quite lively cat ! How do you manage it all ? Bravo!