maandag 19 juli 2010

Finished bench

It got late last night, but I finished the bench!
Did you notice the M before?

Inside I've put a pink lining in contrast with the turquoise colour beneath the white paint.

 It will get a place in my conservatory.

 Left, right, I'm not sure yet.

It took 4 layers of white to cover the turquoise, and when it was fully covered, I sanded it again, showing the turquoise and bare wood, to give it a used look. It still feels silly to 'damage' a neatly painted piece, but I do like the effect, giving a dolls house the feel like it's being lived in, a home, instead of a show piece.

Hope you had a nice weekend full miniatures to enjoy as well.


19 opmerkingen:

Janice zei

What a lovely piece. So personal. Looks great in your conservatory

Eva zei

WONDERFUL!! I love it!

elis zei

Wonderful bench!

Little Rabbit Miniatures zei

Looks fanastic, I didnt see the 'M' until you said, infact i had to look, lol! The project will be super!

Norma zei

No, I didn't see the "M" - how clever to use a filigree with the intial in it. It's a very pretty piece and perfect for the conservatory. I really like the use of the filigree in the back cut-out.

Minnie Kitchen zei

wow...amazing work!

The Old Maid zei

Beautiful bench! And love the doors!:)

May zei

¡Que preciosidad de banco! Te ha quedado perfecto.
Me encantan también las puertas.
Besitos, May

Lara zei

Mooie bank, Marit! Ook een erg mooie kleur, dat turquoise op de muur.

Ascension zei

El banco es una preciosidad!!!!
Queda genial, dentro de tu proyecto.
besitos ascension

Marit zei

I hadn't seen the M either, until I already had decided that I was going to use this piece for the bench, was so happy to see it (could have been any other letter, but it was 'my' M!)


Merry Jingle zei

It's beautiful, you've done fab job with it!

Margaret zei

The bench turned out really well and looks fantastic in the conservatory!

Heather zei

The bench looks great. So impressed!

Carolyn zei

The bench is just wonderful! I love the inset in the back! What a great idea!

Kat The Hat Lady zei

Bench is beautiful, love your blog page too :-)

Patty zei

Your bench is gorgeous!!!

Tallulah Belle zei

the bench is just wonderful...I see the M. Clever idea:-)

I like it best on the angle in the conservatory.

Daydreamer zei

Marit, your bench is STUNNING! I love the filigree and the original shape - what a treat that it has an "M" hidden in it! Your conservatory is looking great!