zondag 25 juli 2010


A conservatory usually doesn't stand on its own, so I needed to make a wall, behind which the rest of the house would be. So last week I have been busy with self-drying clay and paint. Here is the result:

The lion-plate with tap is bought. It just needed painting.

And here is how I did it:

First I've put the clay in place. It doesn't need to be flat. Then I sketched the stones, following the lines of the unflatness, making stones in various sizes. On the right you see the next step: defining and shaping each stone. On some stones I made cracks and bumps. Then the whole wall gets texture by beating and stroking with a firm brush. I applied several layers of paint, but also gave a few stones one layer of a different colour, so not all stones will have the same colour. It needs a bit of variation to look realistic.

To show my husband what I did, I placed the lion-plate on the wall, and it stayed there while drying. That was by accident quite a good choice, as the clay shrinks on drying. With the plate in place, it kept his place. It was quite stuck after a few days of drying!

I still need to add moss, climbing plants, a little bird-nest in a hole between the stones, etc, but so far I am pleased with the result.

Update on my cat: he still sleeps a lot and surely has muscle pain, but he's doing very well. You already said it to me: cats are really tough creatures!


13 opmerkingen:

Merry Jingle zei

It's absolutely beautiful! I love that back wall :)

Nina zei

Yes, I like it.
It is very single.

Eva zei

Great work! I love the wall!!!

May zei

Muy bonito, la pared de piedra te ha quedado muy bien.
Besitos, May

Norma zei

The wall is a beauty Marit - and how lucky you found by accident a good way to attach the fountain :)

Good news that Misha is improving.

Little Rabbit Miniatures zei

Its Perfect!

Carol zei

The wall is great. It adds so much realism to the conservatory. I have a similar conservatory kit and you have inspired me to do something similar. Great job!

miniacollection zei

Just great!
I like the wall a lot.

Flora zei

Excellent result! Cats love the walls, behind which they do restful naps...
Scratching under the chin to Misha :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Clara zei

Me alegro que el gato esté mejor. Esta pared que has hecho te ha quedado muy bien y los consejos de cómo hacerlo son muy práticos. Besos. Clara

Glenda zei

What an excellent wall!!

Ascension zei

La pared de piedra te ha quedado genial!!!!
La fuente me encanta.
Estas haciendo un maravilloso trabajo.
Gracias por los consejos.
Me alegro mucho de que tu gatito este mejor.
besitos ascension

Mari@ zei

Great result and ecellent work!!