zondag 11 juli 2010

Lamp for Sonya

I did not have much time to blog, to see your blogs, to keep up with my new followers (131 already, wow!) or to make miniatures lately, but I did make the lamp for Sonya, who won it in my give-away, with the fabric of her choice. I couldn't show it before, as I had to wait until she got it, but here's what I sended her.
I included a little basket for which I made the lining, and as a basket never should be empty, I put little bottles in it, matching the colourscheme. Two of them are made from beads, the big one comes from a bought set.
Here the light working:

The metal ring on the foot of the light is not painted here yet. I glued this on to the lamp to make it more stable (because of the thread it wants to fall over quite easily), and to push the thread into its groove in the wood. It hasn't become a perfect fit for the thread, as it should, but it's difficult to put pressure on such small, delicate pieces.

I'm glad Sonya liked it, and I hope it will fit the setting of her country bedroom as she wished it to.


4 opmerkingen:

Ascension zei

No me extraña que le haya gustado, la lampara te ha quedado expectacular, la cestita con los botes es una preciosidad!!
besitos ascension

lulukachu zei

They are very cute looking! And your lamp is adorable! The bottles are a very nice touch as well

Flora zei

Marit, the lamp that you've created for Sonya is too cute and the little kit that accompanies it is perfect :-)
I wish you happy holidays and hope you return soon to create miniatures!

by Sonya Rotella zei

Marit,thanks again.
The lamp is perfect for my house and the basket is very sweet!