woensdag 8 september 2010

End of Eurominies :-(

Last week I got the news that 'Karweipost', owner of the brand 'Euromini's' will stop their activities. I think it's a pity. It's a very affordable priced brand. I must admit that for me it's not detailed enough, but hey, what to expect for the price they ask? But they also sell most of their furniture as bare wood, and that I like very much! Those furniture are the perfect base to make your own furniture: all the difficult work already has been done. So today I went to their shop in Veenendaal to shop before all the good stuff is gone. A treat from my husband: he told me that he would take care of the bill :-). It was quite busy in the shop, and some items already had been sold out!
Don't you just love the desk? Ever since I saw it on Marmod's blog (scroll to the 'Lavendel kamer', half-way the page), I thought of pimping one myself, but never had a purpose for it. Still haven't.  The chests of drawers are so nice as well, even though I have no place for them yet either. They are what we call belly-cabinets in Dutch: they are thicker in the middle of the drawers. The chair will become a throne for the ice-queen in my fairytale cabinet. And of course I bought lots of lights for the fairytale cabinet!

I wonder how the Dutch dollshouse-world will recover from this. I think it's the most sold brand around here and some shops dedicate more than half of their shop to it. How will they fill that up? Time will tell, I guess. The importer stops for personal reasons, so there is hope that someone else will take over. But at least I have my long-desired goodies.

Bye for now,

5 opmerkingen:

May zei

Excelentes compras. Ahora te va a tocar trabajar para enseñarnos tus avances.
Besitos, May

Evelien zei

Hoi Marit,

ook ik vind het erg jammer! Woon enigzins in de buurt en ging er graag naar toe.

Als ik hoor dat het er nu heel druk is vind ik het helemaal jammer. Er is wel degelijk veel vraag naar die producten, maar waarschijnlijk stopt de directeur ook niet daarom.

Je hebt er leuke inkopen gedaan, veel plezier ermee!!

groetjes Evelien

Anikó zei

What nice furnitures:)
You must be happy with it!
Greetings, Anikó

Iris zei

Fine furniture. The desk will be great, when you paint it!

Gonda's miniature zei

Bedankt voor je reactie, ja jammer dat ie stopt, mooie aankopen.