zondag 5 september 2010

On the wall

My projects stood on the same tables where I do my miniature work, always taking a lot of space. And now also the structure of the conservatory is becoming more fragile, so I thought it was time to give them their place on the wall.
My hobbyroom has the shape of an 'L', and this temporary desk in the foot of the L is where my computer stands (behind the cottage). It's a nice and secure place for my projects. The rest of the room is working area, where things can be made... or broken...
To see how it would look best on the wall, I tried it on the floor. But now it's on the wall, I think the conservatory should hang higher. Oh well...
The left cupboard is made for cd's, but I will make a fairytale collection of it, with in every box another scene with fairies, gnomes, a witch, or ... So many plans, so little time! But now it's up the wall, I finally may have the room to work on it.
I do see that history repeats itselve. I started on the beachhouse, soon I had to devide my time between the beachhouse and the conservatory, and now -without coming close to finishing those two projects- I'm thinking about starting on the third one... At the end of my life I'm probably surrounded by loads of dollshouses and boxes, without any of them being finished. I can't say I mind. Working on them is the fun part. I might enjoy the house less when it's ready.

As for the conservatory: the new glass has been put in, I've made windowsills and I started on the outer wall of the garden.

And now I'm going outside to enjoy the sun (after having had weeeeeeks of rain)!

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by Sonya Rotella zei

Hi Marit,
very beautiful conservatory and I love also the place where you have put it.
I'm working on my coutry house and soon I'll put your wonderful lamp in it.
Have a good sunny day!

Michelle's Mad World zei

Your conservatory looks superb and I love the walls the best of all! ;o))

You are not alone in wanting more projects and having most only partly started. I want more and I've got 'most' of my projects only partly done.

It's a wonderful hobby to enjoy no matter how many projects you have outstanding! :o)

Michelle xx

rosanna zei

It's really wonderful! and I love the shelf where you displayed it, it's a very clever idea. Have a nice day, Rosanna

miniacollection zei

Your conservatory is perfect on the shelf.
why do we have to have several projects at the same time ? Well, I see I am not the only one ...

Ascension zei

Que preciosidad!!!
Queda perfecto con ese fondo, es una verdadera maravilla, m encanta
besitos ascension

Clara zei

¡Muy buena idea! Colocarlo en esa plataforma resulta muy práctico y además se ve en cuanto entras. Ahora sólo falta la otra parte del muro. Me encanta.
Besos Clara

Alienora zei

Hi Marit!
I am new in your blog, but you nust know that I will spend here a lot of time:))) I know it:))) I love your way to expose conservatory (which is WONDERFUL)! I must show it to my husband:)))
Hugs from Alienora