zondag 19 september 2010

Step by step

Sometimes I think I must be the clumsiest miniaturist. I don't see any of you damaging their wallpaper when you're not working on it, cutting grass-paper 3 times and still too short, trying paint-techniques on the good piece of grass-paper (instead of the remainder after cutting), ... Oh well, I get there, slowly progressing step by step.
The spot on the wallpaper is covered by a bouquet of dried flowers (some real flowers fit the miniature world perfectly). You can see the new windowsills on this photo too.
Next to it is the door with the new hinges. They match the handle well, after I removed the black paint on them.
Two snails found their way on the outside of the conservatory.
I had to make close-ups of them, as one has to take a very good look to spot them on the next picture. I made the second wall around the garden. Now I have to finish the gate, and then paint it. As I said, I cut grass-paper from a model-train-shop to fit the garden, which it does, more or less. But I guess I can fill gaps between wall and paper with plants, like one would have in real life, as the mower can't cut the grass close to the wall. The grass is not glued yet. I need to paint the walls first.
I thought the grass-paper was too yellow, even though I bought the darkest shade. I tried various ways to paint it, and had a very nice result by spraying a solution of watercolour on it. A brush flattens the grass too much.
I end with another picture of the lion-tap. I know I've shown this before, but I like the result much.

Have a nice week,

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Kim@My Fairytale Cottage zei

Well I Love it!!
-Kim :)

miniacollection zei

Well, you are not the only one who get problems when making miniatures, it is sometimes very frustrating.
Your shelf is gorgeous, and I like everything you showed us.

Vilia Miniature zei

Bellisima la lumaca
Lia e Alma

Clara zei

Paso a paso. El color de la pared, los ladrillos del suelo, la puerta con la gatera, los caracoles, y todo el conjunto es una maravilla. He pensado en tu problema de donde acaba el cesped. Podrías poner pelos de pincel teñidos de verde cómo ese cesped que no llega la máquina. Ese pelo se tinta bien. Es una idea.
Besos Clara

rosanna zei

I like al your goodies and I love the way you trimmed the grass. The conservatory is becaming so pretty . BTW the snails are a cute touch. Rosanna

Peggy zei

Wat prachtig zeg! De details zijn zo mooi uitgevoerd, mijn bewondering. Gewoonweg ademloos.

Flora zei

Marit dear, I have combined so many troubles in my dollhouse, I am surprised it does not fall to pieces!
Yours is a lovely work of art :-)
I love the snail and the moss in the interstices :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Janice zei

I sometimes think I make so many silly cutting mistakes I really should use a measure, but I always belive I can do it by eye!

Josje zei

Well, three guesses as to what I've been doing all day today...yes, redoing what I had just finished because I didn't do it right, and again and again...
The conservatory is beautiful, love the colours and details.

Chris zei

Dat is wel heel herkenbaar hoor Marit, hoe vaak ik niet met mijn vingers aan het gelijmde vast blijf zitten of iets achterstevoren of juist ondersteboven bevestig.... Ik ben helemaal weg van je deur, wat heb je die mooi gemaakt!!

by Sonya Rotella zei

Hi Marit!
It is very beautiful work...I love all the conservatory but the snails are so cute!

Heleni zei

Hee Marit,
Leuk dat je mijn volger bent geworden. Ik heb meteen even jouw blog opgezocht. Wat een leuk project waar je mee bezig bent. De achtermuur, het muurtje er omheen. Heel mooi.
Ik ga jou nu ook volgen hoor.
Succes verder
groet Heleni

Clara zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door een blogbeheerder.
Ascension zei

Has hecho un fabuloso trabajo.Me encantan los ladrillos, la puerta con la gater, el detalle del caracol.......
Te ha quedado fabulosa la casita!!
besitos ascension

Marit zei

It's so good to know that I'm not the only one who ruins her own work sometimes. I really wonder sometimes if those hands of mine are the same ones who made this stuff! Thanks for sharing,

Daydreamer zei

Marit, I LOVE your tiny garden snails! They are just perfect! And the door hinges and the lion tap are great too! I think the grass cloth looks good the color it is, but I know how the camera changes that.... besides, grass is never just one color! Your whole project is really coming along! Keep up the good work!

Heather zei

It is so lovely. The snails are darling and I really like the cat/dog door!

Carol zei

I love what you have done! The details that you have included make the scene so interesting. Thank you for sharing the tip about spraying the grass with watercolor paint. I've been wondering how to "green" my grass as well.