zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Advice wanted on bell jar

When I saw this bell jar, I had to buy it. It's perfect to display a scene. But what kind of scene will I make?

My first idea was a garden in spring: a white swing bench, pink roses, butterflies, birds, ... I do love the idea, but miniature flowers are not really my thing. Will I enjoy making this?

I wish I could sculpt so well, that I could make a fairy, like Rose (Elven Slippers) or Liliane (My dreams about fairies), or a fairytale scene like Silke (Silke's Miniatures), but I find it very difficult to sculpt a realistic face, even with the on-line-help of Hannie Sarris. I had wished to attend one of her courses, but she died much too young! (if anyone knows an other good course in sculpting fairies in the Netherlands, I would love to hear it!)

A part of a room maybe, of a medieval Scottish castle, or a palace in India, or a shabby chic brocante shop ...

I'm sure that you all have ideas of what would work well in a bell jar, and I would love to hear your opinion. What would you make or like to see in a bell jar? Or perhaps you already have filled one: I'd love to see your pictures!

Please, inspire me!

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dreamkeeperfae zei

hi, doe het even in het nederlands.
je hebt in België diane guelinckx de becker, ontzettend lieve dame die heel mooi boetseert, het is niet zo heel ver over de grens volgens mij, dan heb je Saskia Hoeboer die tegenwoordig op kleine schaal weer workshops, cursussen geeft en je hebt Iris Linstra, Astrid Mulder die ook les geven in elven. Mocht je meer willen weten hoor ik het graag. Het ligt er namelijk ook aan waar je in Nederland woont en waar je les zou willen hebben, lieve groetjes, Andrea

cockerina zei

Marit hello, I love this glass globe! the miniature is identical to the real one! ah ah!
I saw an Indian palace in Sans Blog:


and a shop brocante Susanne's blog ...

I regret not being able to do more!
kisses and good Sunday!

Peeters Liliane zei

O wat een eer om genoemd te worden in deze post, ik krijg er rode wangen van :))
Misschien heb je iets aan deze link http://madsculptor.blogspot.com/, of lessen op dvd van Patricia Rose.

Gonda zei

Ja, dit vindt ik ook erg mooi, zoek ook nog zo'n stolp.
Mooie paastafel er in?

Drora's minimundo zei

The tiny glass globes within the real one are a scene by itself. You did well in purchasing it. Ideas can come anytime.

Peeters Liliane zei

Ik wil je wel enkele tips geven over boetseren, stuur mij maar een mailtje dat praat makkelijker!