donderdag 10 maart 2011

Potted houses & Welcome!

My husband and I love to walk and take photograps, old gardens are perfect for both. The estate 'Gooilust' in 's Graveland (in the Netherlands) has a little extra for the dollshouse-lover. There's a little shed in the gardens, with a small round glass in the door. Who would not take a peak inside?

The view is unexpected:

I really don't by who and when these little potted houses were made, but aren't they cute? 

But let me welcome the many new followers during my absence!
Nschaaf (no blog?)
ekaterina.beluzina (no blog?)
Alennka (no blog?)
Maddie (can't get on your craft-blog though)
Carolien Booms (no blog?)
Strawberry Milk (no blog? I thought I remember one)
Nadia (no blog?)
Gonda (well, old follower with a new blog, but worth a visit)
Irene (no blog?)
Treefeathers (your blog seems to be empty?)
Marina (no blog?)

A warm welcome to you all!

7 opmerkingen:

The Old Maid zei

This is a cool find! Thanks for sharing:)

Chris zei

Ha Marit, dank je wel voor de tip; daar ga ik ook eens kijken!

TreeFeathers zei

Thank you for the welcome! I'm sorry my blog did not load properly for you, it looks fine so I think it was just a temporary glitch. I hope you will visit again!

Very interesting little scenes, I wonder what they are for? Maybe the owners will let you in to take some close-up photos some time.

- Grace

Mooghiscath zei

Très curieux comme vue à l'intérieur !

Peeters Liliane zei

Bedankt voor je lief berichtje. Ja een goede gezondheid is alles. Ik voel mij redelijk goed en kan hopelijk vlug weer terug werken. Je moet je lichaam ook tijd geven om te helen. Ik hoop dat alles goed met je is maar vergeet niet te luisteren naar je lichaam!!!
Lieve groetjes,

Norma zei

This little 'shed', and the contents, are so intriguing.

Great to see you back here again, and love that profile pic - so funny! ;)

Flora zei

Hi Maerit, welcome back :-)
I think that, in the houses, live insects, like worms and snails, which need to spend the winter in a decent accomodation ...
Mini hugs, flora