woensdag 16 maart 2011

Woodburning stove

The beach-house needs a wood burning stove, I think, to warm the miniature people after a beach-walk on a windy day and to lengthen those long summer nights. I'm in the proces of making one after the example of our 1:1 woodburner.
It can open, like the real one.
This is the example: our real woodburner. You can see the miniature one on the top of it.
And this is what I made it from: a tictac-box. You might notice the English flag: we bought it on holiday in Wales and that was in the period of the world championship of soccer. I just love to go through my boxes with stuff that might be useful someday for my miniature-making!

About the bell jar of the previous post, I think I'm going to do the idea of Gonda: an Easter table. I really like the idea of still doing something with the Spring-theme, but without having to make many flowers. I do need to hurry to be ready in time with all the plans I have!

Bye for now,

5 opmerkingen:

by Sonya zei

What wounderful idea!I must make a stove for the Minnie pastry shop of my daughter Vanessa!I have the problem that the fornitures and accessories are in 1:6(barbie scale)so I have not found a right stove!

Ascension zei

Una genial idea, te esta quedando preciosa.
besitos ascension

Lataina zei

What a fantastic thing to do! =)

Rosamargarita zei

La estufa es idéntica a la grande, muy buen trabajo!
Un abrazo

Flora zei

Great idea and result :-)
We look forward to your Easter table :-)
Mini hugs, Flora