zondag 20 maart 2011

Look what I got & progress on Easter table

I don't know the English word for this kind of cupboard, in which one can display small items, but isn't it a beauty? I thought it was a bit too expensive, but when my husband saw that I had a hard time putting it back on the shelf, he bought it for me :-). It was totally white: I've put pieces of scrapbookpaper in it.

I've been busy on the Easter table for the bell jar.
I thought it would be nice to have breakfast outside, so I've put grass on the floor. Then I made the table. I displayed it here with some tableware. It was good to try that out, as I had many plans (coffee, easter-bread, easter chocolate thingies, etc), not realizing how limited the space is. I need to choose what the miniature people may eat/drink on Easter-morning!
The legs of the table are made of metal strips, with an ornament glued on them. Between the legs is a wooden bar, screwed on the ornaments with amazing tiny screws, just like in the real world. I glued the table cloth on the table to make it hang. Even though the fabric is thin, it won't hang on itselve.
To be continued...


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1717 zei

Marit, your Easter table is amazing!

Norma zei

Your new heart shaped 'shadow box' (the only English expression I know to describe this kind of tiny shelf unit) is sooo sweet - and a really romantic kind of a gift. It's nice I think to have a place to display all the lovely little things we collect but don't have a 'home' for right away.

Love the table, as always I'm jealous of your ability with metal :)

Heleni zei

De Paastafel vind ik leuk, maar het hart is geweldig leuk. Wat leuk van je man om het voor je te kopen...

groet Heleni

Chris zei

Wat een schattig kastje en leuk om zo je mooiste spulletjes 'aan de muur' te hebben. Ik vind je stolp zo mooi worden, wat een origineel idee!

Lataina zei

You have such a thoughtful husband. =) The shadow box is beautiful, especially with your touch of the papers. I think your Easter table is simply precious. I love it!!! =)

malu2 zei

No te conocia he llegado aquí por casualidad,que minis más preciosas haces!!!!!ya soy tu seguidora,te invito a visitarme.Besos.

Heather zei

Love both your Shadow box and easter table. The papers you've used on the background are lovely.

You are making me wish for spring like weather!

Marlene zei

I love your little display cupboard, and your Easter table is a delight

miniacollection zei

I, too, love your heart shadow box,it is gorgeous.
I also like very much your easter table, what a very good idea to display it in a bell glass.


Es una pequeña delicia, y felicidades por tu marido ¡¡¡

Snowfern zei

amazing! i feel silly for not having discovered your blog earlier! thank you for sharing :)

Little Rabbit Miniatures zei

I L-O-V-E the heart!
and a beautiful Easter setting!

Piikko zei

Marit, your table is so beautiful!
And I♥your ♥-shadow box!

Flora zei

Marit dear, forgive me, in this period are burdened with commitments and I just now time to write reviews, but I can not resist the congrat you for the wonderful atmosphere you are creating under the bell jar :-)
A desire for a trip outside the city :-)
I love the table, but you're capable of this and more ...
In Italian, the shelf is called "bulletin board": as a child I had a very large, shaped ... house for dolls!
My fate was sealed :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

dreamkeeperfae zei

Both are lovely!love the little heart to hang on the wall and love the coming along easter table.

*** de draak past inderdaad onder een stolp, die heb ik wel ergens, maar waar...;), mmm de curcussen rond Utrecht, weet ik niet zo één twee, drie, zeker niet voor langere periode.Kan het wel eens in de groep gooien.Ik zelf heb geen enkele cursus gevolgd, alles komt uit het bolletje en hoofd.***

rose cat cottage zei

Hi Marit! Really nice and you did the table in metal?? Gosh you are talented and I am thinking about my bell jars stayed in France in my mother house:(((( I will follow the progress! Now I know why you wrote on my blog about our same interests and nearly same blog title LOL... Doei, Claude
(please don't write me in Dutch I am absolutely not fluent in Dutch but minis will be a good reason to start LOL