maandag 25 april 2011

(A late) HAPPY EASTER!!!

A bit late, but I hope you all had a

I didn't have time to take pictures yesterday, but my Easter-themed bell jar is ready. Well, sort of. I wanted to add flowers, and a cat, and... I guess there will be another Easter next year, and how nice will it be to be able to add some things to it then. :-)

Branches of the curly willow with thingies hanging in it, are used as Easter decoration here. I used wood of my grape for this (the 'grips' of the climbing vine), as it curls in the same way.

View on the table:

I've put the chocolat bunny in a basket, I like that more than on a plate, where it was before.

All is made by me, except for the obvious things (glassware, plates, basket and cutlery, except for the butter-knife). It's my first miniature scene, that is finished, ready, done! I'm so proud of myself ;-).

Have a nice week!

10 opmerkingen:

miniacollection zei

Lovely scene, perfect for Easter.

Kim zei

It's beautiful!!! Belated Easter wishes to you Marit :)

PS- I love the little egg cups so much :)

Patty zei

It is such a darling Easter display! I love it!

Lataina zei

It's such a precious little scene. =)

Daydreamer zei

Beautiful, Marit! I love all the tiny details... especially the bird nest and the grape-vine twigs with things hanging on them! And is that a tiny dragonfly on the jelly jar? So Sweet!

Brandy Rose zei

Very Cute!

rose cat cottage zei

Really really Nice Magrit, you have added a lot of nice things around and on the table. I did a scene as well but I did not enjoy it I was in travel for the week-end... we have to organise something for the ladies living so closed... a real tea time or brunch??? doei, claude

Miniature Patisserie Chef zei

This is absolutely beautiful!!! The vines are so well done!

Pei Li

Gonda zei

Bedankt voor je reactie, nee heb nog geen plan voor mijn stolp, maar de jouwe is prachtig geworden.
Ik moet eerst nog de Lundby af maken.

El mundo de PADI zei

Es precioso Marit!!!, tengo una base de madera y quiero hacer algo como esto, espero que no te molestes si te copio algo.Besos