donderdag 21 april 2011

With ornament & nest

With ornament, you all said, so here are the chairs, with ornament and pillows:

I hope you like them. Indeed they do match the table better with the ornament.

In the meanwhile I also have been busy to fill the upper part of the bell jar. I made a branch with a nest, with two little birdies:

The two bare birds are made of Fimo. There are a few real feathers in the nest, only 2-4 mm long. I find those in my garden, when the newborn birdies have flown from their nests. Not this year though: the birds seem very lazy in nest-making, not one of the nest-boxes on the garage has been occupied yet, while the weather has been perfect. :-(

The branch hangs in the bell jar:

And this is how it looks in total now:

Still much to do, but I'm getting there!

Thank you all for you thinking with me!


17 opmerkingen:

Elga zei

It is lovely, I really like it!!!!!

Eva zei

Love those chairs!! You are doing a good and pretty job!!

otterine zei

Marvelous! The chairs turned out beautifully!

Brandy Rose zei

The bird's nest is the neatest thing ever!

Mooghiscath zei

Très jolie comme cela !

Heleni zei

Perfect Marit...

groet Heleni

Lataina zei

It's so beautiful. The nest is fantastic and the chairs look fabulous!!! I love the way it all looks. =)

Alienora zei

I love it!!!!

Sans! zei

I really like your nest. This is a wonderful setting, Marit!

miniacollection zei

Yes, I like the chairs very much, they are perfect with the ornament.
Your branch with the nest is incredible, it's going to be a fantastic scene.

Gonda zei

Ja, dit is erg leuk zo, ik heb ook een glas stolp gevonden, fijne pasen.

Kim zei

I love the chairs but I am swooning over the branch with the nest. It is wonderful Marit!!

Flora zei

Suspend the branch with the nest to the bell jar is a brilliant idea. The scene will be beautiful :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Patty zei

The chairs came out perfect! I LOVE the branch with the little bird nest. What a perfect little touch.

Marie zei

C'est très joli, j'aime beaucoup les chaises et les coussins. Et la branche est vraiment très bien réalisée ! Une magnifique scène, je suis impatiente de voir la suite,
Bonne fin de journée,

Daydreamer zei

OOOOHHH, Marit! That little nest with the naked baby birds is just AMAZING! I LOVE it! It is so perfect suspended in the top of the jar! I like it much better than having an entire tree trunk in the way..... You are making a delightful scene! I wish I could sit there now!

Raminhos de Pano zei

love Fernanda FRM brasil