woensdag 20 april 2011

With or without?

Easter is coming soon, so I need to hurry with my Easter-scene. But this week my time-off from work started (well, I still need to do a few things at home, but the weather is too nice to spend much time inside the house), so I have more time now. I made two of these chairs:

They will be painted white and get a pillow to sit on in the same fabric as the table-cloth. I had planned to give them the same ornament as the table:

But now I'm not sure, I also like them without ornament:

But with ornament is nice too:

I need to make up my mind before I can paint them. So what do you think: with or without ornament?


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rosanna zei

Hi MArit, I'd say WITH.It completes the chair and makes it more matching to the table. Anyway they are lovely in both ways. Rosanna

otterine zei

I like both, too. Perhaps if you made the pillow now, you could see the "completed" chair more clearly. I am leaning toward "with" the ornament.

Heleni zei

Marit wat leuk zo'n ornament.Ja ik zou 't wel doen. Geeft nét dat beetje meer...

groet Heleni

Elga zei

Oh, I think with it, it just gives it that something special!!!!!!

Alienora zei

I would choose the one with ornament. Without ornament chair looks for me like not finished yet :))). So - with ornament!!!
Hugs from Alienora

Linda zei

with from me too :D Linda x

Eva zei

Both are great but definnetely I prefer with ornament...so pretty!

Mooghiscath zei

Avec ornements !

Patty zei

I think with!! You have done such an incredible job on the table and chairs. I LOVE them.

Flora zei

Hi Marit, also according to me "with" ...
When the chair will be painted in white and with the pillow, the ornament will give it a really romantic touch :-)
Mini easter hugs, Flora

Marit zei

I thought I had a dilemma, but your answers are quite clear! The chairs will be with ornament. I hope to show you the result soon, with pillows as well.

Thank you for your kind comments!


M Carmen Casanova zei

Oh! llego tarde pero a mí también me gusta más CON adorno, es muy bonito. Besos

Little Rabbit Miniatures zei

With, with :)

Kim zei

I see you have decided- but my choice would be with the ornament also. Your soldering is always so beautiful Marit :)

Piikko zei

Oh, I love to meet someone how can't make up her mind just like that!!:D
I say WITH ornament... or maybe without;D But with ornament is very nice too.... Sorry can't help:DDDD
What ever you decide I know it'll be beautiful!

Marfolhuz miniatures zei

Ik zou het MET doen hoor, dan horen ze echt bij de tafel;-)
't wordt erg mooi allemaal!

Margriet zei

Ik vind met mooier..maakt het net wat specialer!!!

miniacollection zei

I think it's nice to put the ornament on the chair. It will be a nice match with the table.

Maricleide zei

Marit, amei o seu blog,sou fascinada por miniaturas, desculpe que entrei sem bater, é que a porta estava aberta, eu também deixei a porta aberta, para voce se energizar e se tornar um cristalzinho.
Já estou te seguindo.

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