zondag 3 april 2011

Progress on Easter table

Not that I do that much, just made some sweets, croissants and pains-au-chocolat of Fimo.

These Fimo-eggs are wrapped in real Easter-chocolate-egg-wrapping. They look so big on the photo, but they are only 2 mm! I also made the bowl.

I'm not totally happy with how the croissants and pains-au-chocolat look. They look good enough on the photo, but I think I over-used transparent Fimo. A good, crispy croissant is a bit transparent trough the layers, so I thought transparent would add realisme, but I'm not sure. Oh, I can always try and make more.

And I made a chocolate Easter bunny. It is surrounded by little sweet eggs, and two small sugar ducks.

Another view on the table:

Soon I will have more time for miniatures. With my health not improving the way I want to, and my job getting more stressful and demanding very day, I decided that it's time to take a step back. I'll take 3 months off. At first I felt heartbroken, as I leave my collegues behind with even more work to do. But the decision is made, I can't wait to get some rest. Well, 2-3 more weeks before I can go.
Do you know the serie Pride & Prejudice? The moment where Elizabeth gets a tour in the Darcy-house and is shown the room where the late mrs Darcy wrote her letters in the morning? It always sounded so peaceful to me. Now I dream of surfing through your blogs after breakfast, getting inspiration for the day :-).

Bye for now,

8 opmerkingen:

Chris zei

Wat een prachtige kleine eitjes, wat knap dat je dat zo kunt maken, Marit. Ik hoop dat je de maanden thuis goed op zult knappen, fijn dat jij er 3 maanden tussenuit kunt.

Art of Mini zei

Hi marit, Het is prachtig wat je gemaakt hebt, zeker de lekkernijen en het chocolade konijntje! Ik hoop dat je de komende maanden lekker op zult knappen en de rust zult vinden uit de film van Darcy :).

Kim zei

Marit- what a beautiful table!! The little foil covered eggs are amazing! I am sorry I have not replied to your email yet- I promise to email you today. I am trying to catch up :) I am glad to hear you are going to get some rest- it is so important to take care of ourselves :)

Piikko zei

Marit, your table looks so sweet and delicious! i love pains-au-chocolat in real life and yours are looking so good..Yummy:D

rose cat cottage zei

Marit! such a great table and all full of details the bunny and the eggs rapped (by real eggs papers) gave me hungry of ... chocolate... LOL but for the croissants the best way to be sure it is to eat some ones aslo:))) Take care! Beterschap! Dei, Claude

nogihilt zei

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.


Drora's minimundo zei

I love your Easter table, all beautifully set and the table itself is very nice, especially the legs which are a very clever idea.

Elizabeth zei

Wat een prachtige dingen maak je. Geweldig. Wat zul je er ook van genieten. Ik begreep eerst niet dat je hollandse bent.. maar dat is toch zo?
Dat miniatuurgebeuren zit mijn dochter ook in het bloed. Alleen heeft zij dan iets met popjes.
Er staan fotos op mijn blog. Elianne Schoneveld heet ze.

In ieder geval kom ik af en toe bij je langs om te kijken.
Succes met deze blog. Elizabeth