woensdag 12 december 2012

X-mas house part 4: X-mas tree

Have been separated from the internet for 3 frightening days!!! My laptop had some troubles these past few weeks, and died Monday. But I know what will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree! Well, I still need to buy and decorate a full size Christmas tree, but I did make a miniature one. (And I do want a full size present this time, not a miniature one, like most years.)

Miniature Christmas trees aren't very realistic. I've read about using Lycopodium green, and I found it on a fair. (for Dutch readers: Silly Sisters sells packages to make a tree this way)

From left to right, as easy as that, really great!

Then some Christmas balls from beads with or without bead-caps.

Then the star at the top and a bit of glitter nailpolish to finish it.
My sister thinks Christmas trees are ugly. Her children grow up with an alternative tree, quite sad, I think. Lucky for them they spend the holidays at my parents house, and my mother -even though she hates Christmas trees as well, runs in the family- has two trees: one very stylish (boring) and colourmatching in the livingroom, and a big colourful one in the hall, because the grandchildren love that so much. 
Maybe it's a family thing, but when I think about it, I do think it's weird to place a tree in the house and dress it up. It would be silly to do that with any other plant. And still we demolish entire forests to do so, or even worse: get a plastic fake one. I feel it is pretty, but when I really think about it: a Christmas tree is not really pretty. It's tradition, contributing to the feel of the season.  But the little lights, oh, I would want them all year round!!!

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Gonda zei

very nice christmas tree and balls, I look forward