zondag 16 december 2012

X-mas house part 7: mirror

This post is about a technique I love, and I used it to make the angel-ornament of the mirror. Every fireplace deserve a beautiful mirror.

Start with something to eat, something which needs a new package to be opened, a package with a thin metal foil, like this. I collect these foils, together with other waste which might be useful for miniature-making in a box in my kitchen. Anyone reckognizes this? ;-)

Further I need my embossing pens and an nice ornament. I use a standard ornament here, but it could be anything: a beautiful relief on a winebottle, jewelry, etc.

Place the foil over the ornament and start with the largest embossing pen on the outside of the ornament, then the smaller ones for getting the details in the foil. Be careful, don't make the foil crack. Because of the bit of texture in the foil, it is quite capable to fit sharp bends, but not instantly.

I rubbed a bit of white paint on it, and cut the edges, and then took the ornament out, back into its jar for the next time or another project.

The foil-ornament can be bend to fit the shape of the mirror, unlike the original ornament.

The mirror itselve is made of mirror-pieces and wooden lathes. A bit of white paint and silver wax finishes it off.

I love this technique as it uses waste, nothing else, and gives such stunning results. The possibilities are endless. 

I hope you find this useful too,

6 opmerkingen:

Lisa Marie zei

Clever! Thanks for sharing.

Drora's minimundo zei

Very bright idea. Thank you so much for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

Beatriz Fernández zei

Me encanta esta idea de reciclar!! Cuantas cosas tenemos que les podemos dar usos en hacer nuestras minis!! Gracias por compartir esta gran idea!!
Un abrazo!

Ilona zei

Knap bedacht, Marit! Ik heb er wel eens aan gedacht, maar nooit uitgeprobeerd, toch eens gaan doen. Nu nog een klein engeltje gaan zoeken, maar dat moet niet zo moeilijk zijn in deze Kersttijd :D!!
Groetjes, Ilona

Ilona zei

Hai Marit, bedankt voor je aanbod om het engeltje te lenen. Je bracht me zelf al op het idee om Marijke Bindels eens te "contacten", zij heeft inderdaad erg mooie dingen om te gebruiken.
Groetjes, Ilona

Irene zei

An excellent idea - simple yet very effective.