zaterdag 15 december 2012

X-mas house part 6: door & wreath

This week I have been working on the door, from time to time.
On the door are some leftover sticks, made for the walls. I find it so hard to get a 45 degree angle on them, to fit them in a square. And with 8 sticks on each side of the door, each with two angles... pfff! The doorhandles come of a halogen light bulb.

The wreath is made of a sort of brush stick, don't know the English name (pijperager in Dutch), painted green, and Lycopodium green glued on it (leftover from making the Christmas tree, see part 4).

The door has had three different colours thoughout the week. First I painted it white, which was good for the inside, but too much white on the outside, with the white wall. Then I choose a very light and pale shade of green for the outside of the door. I thought it would look faded and interesting, but it didn't. It was just plain ugly. I ended up with grey. And guess what: the green shines a little bit through the grey and I just love it! Not visible on the photo though... Anyway: a bit of sanding on the edges and here it is:

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Ilona zei

Prachtig gemaakt, Marit. Zowel de deur als de krans, echt mooi gedaan. Bedankt voor het delen van de tutorial.
Groetjes, Ilona