vrijdag 14 december 2012

X-mas house part 5: walls & chimney

For the interior I used scrappaper on the walls and floor. I wanted to glue painted woodsticks (to stir coffee or tea) on the lower parts of the wall, but I thought it would be so much work to paint them one by one. Then I had this idea of sticking them on Scotch tape for painting:

And then I thought I could not glue the sticks to the wall, before I had made a chimney! My mind is such a chaos!

I tried to give the mantelpiece a marble effect, but I didn't have enough patience. The chimney is made of styrfaom with samples of real wallpaper on them. The wallpaper has a bit of a pearl shine, does not show on the picture.

The marble floor tiles are a miniature tile paper.

And then the end result:
Now thinking about how to make a stove... and a garden... and more decoration... And I still need to decorate our real life house!

Bye for now,

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