donderdag 25 februari 2010

New followers

In my absence an amazing amount of new followers arrived:
FabShabbyRoses (I think the link must be right, but why doesn't your picture show up in my list of followers?)
Jonna Rudoo
Casita Mini
Michelle's mad world
Christel Jensen
Mini Annalee
Amica (please let me know if you have a blog, can't find it)

I hope you all will like it here!


zondag 21 februari 2010

Mini sampler

You haven't heard from me in a while, because I was busy, have some things on my mind and last week we had a small holiday. I will post some holidayphoto's later, and will catch up with you as well. For now I just want to show you that I'm still busy with my conservatory. I want to make a sampler for on the wall. I have cross-stitched a lot in my life, but never in mini. I think it's very frustrating, too much threads on a too small area, so I had to give up. Not my thing. For those who can, I admire you even more.
But no sampler? No. So I'm cross-stitching, not as small as I would prefer, but as small as I think I can handle.
I think the colours will match the conservatory perfectly.
As for the door: I started the first dark layers of paint today. I did think about the idea of a dark stain, I see how it would suit it nicely, but still prefered the painted look. So the painted look it will be. Thank you all for your ideas! So funny how other people can think in directions, which I didn't even think about!

Bye for now,