zondag 5 december 2010

And the winners are...

How many of you have responded on my give-away! Too many to write down, but our printer and computers seem to have a row, they mysteriously won't communicate with eachother. Leaving me with no possibility to do the old-fashioned draw from a bowl, no possility to let my hands go through the papers and chose one by feeling that it's the one. Instead of that, I made two lists in Excel, and let the computer chose randomly.  It feels a bit empty, but it does the trick.

The first draw for the metal set...
... is won by Norma of Make Mine Mini! To my surprise, as some of my work already has found the way to her home.

The second draw, for the wooden set... 
 ... is won by Genevieve from Miniacollection!

Congratulations both of you! Genevieve, I send you an e-mail for your address. So little Lucie will be able to play in the snow with her new sledge soon!

Thank you all for participating!