woensdag 8 juni 2011

Meet Molly Walnut

I haven't spend much time in blogland or working on miniatures lately, but when I found this walnut in my shed, I had instant ideas, that needed to be done. The hole has been made by the teeth of little mice.

I think this is the perfect cradle for a baby-fairy. I made a small baby-fairy of Fimo, painted her, and added a few fluffy hairs. I tried to give her wings by glueing some fly-wings on her, but they got damaged too often. I guess her wings will grow when she's a little bit older.

I have never had any interest in children, not even when I was one myself, and I never made a baby or child before. My first attempts were looking more like a devil, than a baby. Freud would certainly have an explanation for that ;-). Being busy on a 'living' creature forms an idea of her character, and I like to give them names. I named her Molly, Molly Walnut of course.

The cradle is not done yet. It still needs curtains, a rope to hang on and some things to keep the little one happy. But Molly can sleep warm and safely now, if she doesn't wake up, crawls out and falls down. But I'm sure she doesn't..