maandag 16 augustus 2010

Michelle's give-away present has arrived!

As you may remember Michelle of Little Rabbit Miniatures had a give-away to celibrate the opening of her Etsy-shop and having 105 followers, and I was the winner of a beautiful Cinenaria. It arrived this weekend, and in real it's even more beautiful than on the picture!
A close-up:

As said: the give-away was to celibrate the opening of her Etsy shop, where Michelle sells plants and flowers, all very different, but all very detailed and beautiful. If you want to see her wonderful works, visit her shop here.

Thanks again Michelle!

Bye for now!

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010


My hobbyroom has a door to a roofterrace, where I can do dirty work as sanding, take pictures of my work in good light, feed the birds out of reach of my cat, or just sit and enjoy the view (preferably with a glass of rosé wine and the evening sun). It's raining now, but look who visited me on the terrace last week:

I have more welcoming to do, many new followers!
So a warm welcome to:
Kim@Fairytale Cottage

I hope you all will like it here and leave many nice comments :-).


maandag 2 augustus 2010

Little creatures

I want to finish the base of the conservatory, so I can glue it on the wall and shelf, but this sure isn't my best week.
I've put scrappaper beneath the windows, and the windowsills are ready to be put in, but first I had to glue the acryllic glass back in again. But the glue I used reacted with the acryllic glass, didn't glue, became runny and left white stains on it... In other words: the glass is ruined. In the proces I pushed a window ornament out (easy to fix) and broke one of the hinges of the door (beyond repairing). So I need new glass and hinges, before I can go further here.

I thought I could make some small creatures of Fimo, to live in the garden. Here they are:

A hanging mouse:

A mouse on a pin (to put on a stem of a plant or flower):

A dragonfly (only 5 mm in lenght, with 6 legs and musquito-wings!):

A mole:

And 5 snails:
Yes, I did say 5, I did make 5, but one never made it to the oven (was found in my hair (?) later), and the other two with real snail-houses didn't survive my clumsyness... (see first picture) As I said, this week was not a good week for me to work in miniature.

They all need a bit of paint and some need some flock, but even the mega-scrap-shop nearby didn't have that, did not even know it exists. Thank God for webshops! Now I just have to wait till the postman brings me my glass, hinges and flock (and the other nice stuff I saw in those webshops ;) ). 

Have a nice week!