zondag 26 september 2010

Sidetables & silverware

The beachhouse will get a kitchen with a work top of soapstone, which I will make from a stone myself. I had one piece almost ready, when it broke in two. So I decided to make two sidetables with it.
It's not well visible on the picture that the tops are made of stone. In real they look a bit like marble. I made them the right thickness for a kitchencounter, so they are a bit too thick, but it doesn't bother me. The dark one has little wheels beneath it. Work in progress:

The silver I've put on them are my oldest (candlesticks) as well as my newest boughts (bowl and sauce-thingie). Aren't they wonderfully detailed?
Hope you'll have a good week next week, mine will be very busy, probably no time for mini-work... :-(


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Beautiful scene to be seen in the cathedral of Chester (UK)

A warm welcome for all my new followers!
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I hope you will all like my blog, and leave many nice comments ;-).
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zondag 19 september 2010

Step by step

Sometimes I think I must be the clumsiest miniaturist. I don't see any of you damaging their wallpaper when you're not working on it, cutting grass-paper 3 times and still too short, trying paint-techniques on the good piece of grass-paper (instead of the remainder after cutting), ... Oh well, I get there, slowly progressing step by step.
The spot on the wallpaper is covered by a bouquet of dried flowers (some real flowers fit the miniature world perfectly). You can see the new windowsills on this photo too.
Next to it is the door with the new hinges. They match the handle well, after I removed the black paint on them.
Two snails found their way on the outside of the conservatory.
I had to make close-ups of them, as one has to take a very good look to spot them on the next picture. I made the second wall around the garden. Now I have to finish the gate, and then paint it. As I said, I cut grass-paper from a model-train-shop to fit the garden, which it does, more or less. But I guess I can fill gaps between wall and paper with plants, like one would have in real life, as the mower can't cut the grass close to the wall. The grass is not glued yet. I need to paint the walls first.
I thought the grass-paper was too yellow, even though I bought the darkest shade. I tried various ways to paint it, and had a very nice result by spraying a solution of watercolour on it. A brush flattens the grass too much.
I end with another picture of the lion-tap. I know I've shown this before, but I like the result much.

Have a nice week,

woensdag 8 september 2010

End of Eurominies :-(

Last week I got the news that 'Karweipost', owner of the brand 'Euromini's' will stop their activities. I think it's a pity. It's a very affordable priced brand. I must admit that for me it's not detailed enough, but hey, what to expect for the price they ask? But they also sell most of their furniture as bare wood, and that I like very much! Those furniture are the perfect base to make your own furniture: all the difficult work already has been done. So today I went to their shop in Veenendaal to shop before all the good stuff is gone. A treat from my husband: he told me that he would take care of the bill :-). It was quite busy in the shop, and some items already had been sold out!
Don't you just love the desk? Ever since I saw it on Marmod's blog (scroll to the 'Lavendel kamer', half-way the page), I thought of pimping one myself, but never had a purpose for it. Still haven't.  The chests of drawers are so nice as well, even though I have no place for them yet either. They are what we call belly-cabinets in Dutch: they are thicker in the middle of the drawers. The chair will become a throne for the ice-queen in my fairytale cabinet. And of course I bought lots of lights for the fairytale cabinet!

I wonder how the Dutch dollshouse-world will recover from this. I think it's the most sold brand around here and some shops dedicate more than half of their shop to it. How will they fill that up? Time will tell, I guess. The importer stops for personal reasons, so there is hope that someone else will take over. But at least I have my long-desired goodies.

Bye for now,

zondag 5 september 2010

On the wall

My projects stood on the same tables where I do my miniature work, always taking a lot of space. And now also the structure of the conservatory is becoming more fragile, so I thought it was time to give them their place on the wall.
My hobbyroom has the shape of an 'L', and this temporary desk in the foot of the L is where my computer stands (behind the cottage). It's a nice and secure place for my projects. The rest of the room is working area, where things can be made... or broken...
To see how it would look best on the wall, I tried it on the floor. But now it's on the wall, I think the conservatory should hang higher. Oh well...
The left cupboard is made for cd's, but I will make a fairytale collection of it, with in every box another scene with fairies, gnomes, a witch, or ... So many plans, so little time! But now it's up the wall, I finally may have the room to work on it.
I do see that history repeats itselve. I started on the beachhouse, soon I had to devide my time between the beachhouse and the conservatory, and now -without coming close to finishing those two projects- I'm thinking about starting on the third one... At the end of my life I'm probably surrounded by loads of dollshouses and boxes, without any of them being finished. I can't say I mind. Working on them is the fun part. I might enjoy the house less when it's ready.

As for the conservatory: the new glass has been put in, I've made windowsills and I started on the outer wall of the garden.

And now I'm going outside to enjoy the sun (after having had weeeeeeks of rain)!