zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

Timmy Mouse

Having seen all those mice made of felt on Pinterest, I couldn't help myself trying to make one. Not bad for a first experience with felting, I think!

I made clothes for him, and he will live in this house. I make a bed of the drawer, and a little sitting room above. Maybe he'l get a bigger house if/when I make more mice, but for now, this will be a good home for him.

His trouser has a little hole for his tail.

He loves my cat, they have the same whiskers (no cat was hurt to get those whiskers :) ).

Don't tickle!


maandag 5 mei 2014

1/144 bathroom

I made an extra room to be a bathroom. So far I'm quite happy with the result...

 ...except for the "big" glue blob next to the sink, where I planned a towel rack, but it did not stick, in despite of the very new bottle of tacky glue quick-dry. The tooth-brushes are way too big for this scale, but I couldn't get it any smaller, and I do like such details. The floor is made of a piece of a plastic wrapper of biscuits. There was a very small square pattern in relief in it. I tried to paint it, color on one side, white between the relief on the other side, thinking it would lead to perfect 1/144 tiles. But it didn't work: the squares looked round, unlike tiles. Only a white coat on one side looked a lot better, so that's what I did, but it hardly shows in the pictures.

At the other side of the wall the gap for the stairs.

When I put the structure on the table in the garden to photograph, a fly landed on it. It looked so funny, but it flew away before I could photograph it. Couldn't get one to walk on the structure, this was the closest I could get them.

Now a bath and a toilet, still hope to find something to use as a shape to start from. Making it from Fimo will be so difficult.

~to be continued~


maandag 14 april 2014

1/144th scale cottage: the fitting

I had a serious talk with myself to blog more. It's good way to keep track of what I'm doing. And reading other blogs is inspirational: better to find what I like than on Facebook, and more personal than Pinterest. So even though I haven't got much to show...

It was advised to paint the components before removing them from the sheets, to be able to prevent curling up. So I did, three layers of paint and sanding before I was happy with the result. Then I started the fitting.

The components probably fit perfectly, as one should expect from a laser-cut-kit. But not anymore after painting, and the wood is thin and fragile, and my fingers feel like sausages while working on it. Superglue does miracles: the miracle of having a moving house on my fingers.

I think it's best to apply wallpaper and flooring now, before really assembling it. Delaying the furnishing :(.

Till next time!

dinsdag 8 april 2014

New project: 1/144th scale Cape May Cottage

According to the blogs many Dutch miniaturists have been to the show in Apeldoorn this weekend ~including me~, so how could it be so quiet? It was lovely for us, visitors, to be able to walk around and see everything in a relaxed way. I'm afraid that it stimulated my buying process... I saw so many lovely things... 

Although I have 4 ongoing projects ~in different states of completion~ and already have bought components for at least 4 projects-ideas, I couldn't help buying 2 more projects... A lovely one room chapel with church-windows (which I still need to think about what I'll make of it: a chapel or witch-house), and this:
A laser cut kit of a 1/144 scale house! Has been on my wishlist for a long time. I have no experience with this scale, but I think it's a very interesting scale, can't wait to start with it! My fifth ongoing project.
It will be a big puzzle and it needs some changes, like a staircase. I hope I won't spoil the components! There's no back-up!

To be continued!


donderdag 9 januari 2014

Paper plane

The wonderful world of Pinterest! Some time ago I found two Pins featuring templates for paper planes and this week I decided to give it a try. In miniature of course. I printed them out on a paper which is a bit thicker than ordinary paper. I thought the wings would be in need of this thicker paper, but I may be wrong. It sure made it more difficult to make the folds needed, especially to get them sharp and on the right spot. I thought I could make all 6 planes in one evening, but instead it took me one whole evening to make just one, and this was the most simple one!
You can find the template of this plane here: Orion (the blog where this Pin comes from no longer exist).
The other planes, which I still need to try to make, are to be found here: Vendio.