zondag 20 maart 2011

Look what I got & progress on Easter table

I don't know the English word for this kind of cupboard, in which one can display small items, but isn't it a beauty? I thought it was a bit too expensive, but when my husband saw that I had a hard time putting it back on the shelf, he bought it for me :-). It was totally white: I've put pieces of scrapbookpaper in it.

I've been busy on the Easter table for the bell jar.
I thought it would be nice to have breakfast outside, so I've put grass on the floor. Then I made the table. I displayed it here with some tableware. It was good to try that out, as I had many plans (coffee, easter-bread, easter chocolate thingies, etc), not realizing how limited the space is. I need to choose what the miniature people may eat/drink on Easter-morning!
The legs of the table are made of metal strips, with an ornament glued on them. Between the legs is a wooden bar, screwed on the ornaments with amazing tiny screws, just like in the real world. I glued the table cloth on the table to make it hang. Even though the fabric is thin, it won't hang on itselve.
To be continued...


woensdag 16 maart 2011

Woodburning stove

The beach-house needs a wood burning stove, I think, to warm the miniature people after a beach-walk on a windy day and to lengthen those long summer nights. I'm in the proces of making one after the example of our 1:1 woodburner.
It can open, like the real one.
This is the example: our real woodburner. You can see the miniature one on the top of it.
And this is what I made it from: a tictac-box. You might notice the English flag: we bought it on holiday in Wales and that was in the period of the world championship of soccer. I just love to go through my boxes with stuff that might be useful someday for my miniature-making!

About the bell jar of the previous post, I think I'm going to do the idea of Gonda: an Easter table. I really like the idea of still doing something with the Spring-theme, but without having to make many flowers. I do need to hurry to be ready in time with all the plans I have!

Bye for now,

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Advice wanted on bell jar

When I saw this bell jar, I had to buy it. It's perfect to display a scene. But what kind of scene will I make?

My first idea was a garden in spring: a white swing bench, pink roses, butterflies, birds, ... I do love the idea, but miniature flowers are not really my thing. Will I enjoy making this?

I wish I could sculpt so well, that I could make a fairy, like Rose (Elven Slippers) or Liliane (My dreams about fairies), or a fairytale scene like Silke (Silke's Miniatures), but I find it very difficult to sculpt a realistic face, even with the on-line-help of Hannie Sarris. I had wished to attend one of her courses, but she died much too young! (if anyone knows an other good course in sculpting fairies in the Netherlands, I would love to hear it!)

A part of a room maybe, of a medieval Scottish castle, or a palace in India, or a shabby chic brocante shop ...

I'm sure that you all have ideas of what would work well in a bell jar, and I would love to hear your opinion. What would you make or like to see in a bell jar? Or perhaps you already have filled one: I'd love to see your pictures!

Please, inspire me!

donderdag 10 maart 2011

Potted houses & Welcome!

My husband and I love to walk and take photograps, old gardens are perfect for both. The estate 'Gooilust' in 's Graveland (in the Netherlands) has a little extra for the dollshouse-lover. There's a little shed in the gardens, with a small round glass in the door. Who would not take a peak inside?

The view is unexpected:

I really don't by who and when these little potted houses were made, but aren't they cute? 

But let me welcome the many new followers during my absence!
Nschaaf (no blog?)
ekaterina.beluzina (no blog?)
Alennka (no blog?)
Maddie (can't get on your craft-blog though)
Carolien Booms (no blog?)
Strawberry Milk (no blog? I thought I remember one)
Nadia (no blog?)
Gonda (well, old follower with a new blog, but worth a visit)
Irene (no blog?)
Treefeathers (your blog seems to be empty?)
Marina (no blog?)

A warm welcome to you all!