maandag 30 januari 2012

(Not so) new project

It has been long since I blogged: I had nothing to tell, too many other things on my mind. Last summer I had this idea for a Halloween scene, with a ghost, graves and a flying witch. But on Halloween, I only had made a start on it. Then, I thought I could better work on my ideas for a Chistmas scene, but also those plans hardly left my sketchbook. So now I'm back to my Halloween plans, maybe this year I'll finish them for the date? ;-)

The scene will be made in this lantern. I used a sort of wax to make the metal ornaments look shiny silver, fantastic stuff, also to let very small objects look like they're made from metal. Beneath the raised floor the electrics will be connected, because it will contain many small lights for the spooky effect.

One of these lights will be in this owl. Dutch people may recognise it as a toy given by a supermarket. It's made hollow and inside is a small LED-light, which I bought at Nalladris. Normal lights will get too hot, and these LED's are made ready for use in a dollshouse with the ordinary transformator. When it's finished the owl will have two orange eyes glowing in the night, just like the ones breeding nearby my house every year:

In the churchwall, I want to make a coloured glass window, also with a light. It's made of lasered wood, a sheet of plastic and glass-paint.

Above, a witch will fly on a broom. I wanted to try to make her all myself. I'm glad I tried a witch, not a fairy lady: I couldn't get her face to look more female than this! But she doesn't need to be pretty, so I'm happy with the result.

I couldn't help myself to also make something a lot smaller, it's what I like best. I was born in the year of the dragon, and this is my tiny dragon-hanger (1,5 cm in width):

I hope to blog more from now on, and also visit your blogs more often, see all the inspirational things you make!