zondag 30 mei 2010

100+ followers give-away!


A warm welcome to My Realitty, Fmagico, Chris, Margaret, Jody, Flor, Piiko and Sagrario. Fmagico and Sagrario, I can't find your blog. If you have one, please let me know!

And so it's time for my 100+ followers give-away! So I made a real working 4 cm high table lamp:

Doesn't look finished to you? That because it's not. How could I, if I don't know in which dollshouse it will come, and because of that, in which style and colour it should become. The winner of the give-away may tell me in which colour the foot should be painted and which fabric should be used on the hood. I have a nice collection of miniature fabrics, I show some samples in the next photo, but I have many more.

The winner will also get the remainder of the fabric, so he/she can use it to make matching cushions, curtains, etc.

To enter this give-away you must be a follower and leave a comment on this post. The last possibility to enter the give-away is June the 15th (my father's birthday) at 12 pm. I will draw the winner the next day (I hope, I have some busy weeks coming).

Good luck to you all!


maandag 24 mei 2010

A shelf for the conservatory

My husband made me a shelf for the conservatory.

The shelf still needs a second coat of paint, but then again, much of the white will not be visible later, as the ground will get grass and a path. It's nice to see how it gets shape now. I want to make a stone wall at the back, like the conservatory is placed against that wall. Then a low wall surrounding it, with the 'metal' fence on it. I won't be using the entire fence, just the upper halve.
As you can see, I also made some hydrangas from a kit.

The thing I like about this kit is that it had flowers in it with different sizes and different shades of blue, making it more realistic. I still need to add some leaves, I think. I also think I need to add some more colour variation on the leaves. The pots are bought, but adjusted to my taste (other knobs, painted, made older, etc).
Also some other goodies I bought for the conservatory. There's more, too much for just this conservatory, but these certainly will get a place here.
As promised the progress on the birdcage-stand, which my husband makes for me:

The stand will get an other birdcage though. I think a cage with a 'tower' on each side will look more beautiful! I also want to combine wire with wood on it. The stand itselve is not ready yet: it needs curls made of iron threads. One curl is easy, but how do you get more curls which look the same? Any suggestions?

Bye for now,

maandag 17 mei 2010


Already 94 followers! Seems I'm getting close to my 100th-follower-giveaway!

A warm welcome to:
Mary Williams
Maria Narbon
Meli Abellan

I hope you all will like my blog!


PS: For more photo's of the little birds, see my other blog: White Cat Cottage.

maandag 10 mei 2010

Bird cage

A while ago Norma of Make Mine Mini showed a birdcage in one of her posts (click here to see the post). In real life I always feel a bit sorry for birds in a cage. A symbol of freedom caged... No, a bird should be able to spread their wings and fly! I wish I could!
But birds as well as birdcages can be so beautiful! And when I saw the one Norma showed, I thought of soldering one. A miniature bird wouldn't mind to be caged, would he?
The bird is made of Fimo with feathers of a peacock glued on it (hooray to my childhood collections!). A peacock feather excists of many small, perfect miniature feathers. Each little feather is glued separately onto the body. The eyes are little bolls of tin from the soldering.
Beneath the bird is a tray with a piece of paper to collect the birdshit and loose feathers:
And this is how it started:
The cage has gotten an eyelet to hang from. I had some ideas for a soldered post to hang it on, but my creativity has less limits than my soldering-qualities. But when I showed my husband my plans, he liked the idea and already started on it :). So to be continued...