zondag 25 juli 2010


A conservatory usually doesn't stand on its own, so I needed to make a wall, behind which the rest of the house would be. So last week I have been busy with self-drying clay and paint. Here is the result:

The lion-plate with tap is bought. It just needed painting.

And here is how I did it:

First I've put the clay in place. It doesn't need to be flat. Then I sketched the stones, following the lines of the unflatness, making stones in various sizes. On the right you see the next step: defining and shaping each stone. On some stones I made cracks and bumps. Then the whole wall gets texture by beating and stroking with a firm brush. I applied several layers of paint, but also gave a few stones one layer of a different colour, so not all stones will have the same colour. It needs a bit of variation to look realistic.

To show my husband what I did, I placed the lion-plate on the wall, and it stayed there while drying. That was by accident quite a good choice, as the clay shrinks on drying. With the plate in place, it kept his place. It was quite stuck after a few days of drying!

I still need to add moss, climbing plants, a little bird-nest in a hole between the stones, etc, but so far I am pleased with the result.

Update on my cat: he still sleeps a lot and surely has muscle pain, but he's doing very well. You already said it to me: cats are really tough creatures!


maandag 19 juli 2010

Finished bench

It got late last night, but I finished the bench!
Did you notice the M before?

Inside I've put a pink lining in contrast with the turquoise colour beneath the white paint.

 It will get a place in my conservatory.

 Left, right, I'm not sure yet.

It took 4 layers of white to cover the turquoise, and when it was fully covered, I sanded it again, showing the turquoise and bare wood, to give it a used look. It still feels silly to 'damage' a neatly painted piece, but I do like the effect, giving a dolls house the feel like it's being lived in, a home, instead of a show piece.

Hope you had a nice weekend full miniatures to enjoy as well.


zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Present from Sonya and progress on bench

When Sonya received the present of my give-away, she wrote that she would send me something in return. But I didn't expect this much!
How nice is that! Thank you so much, Sonya! I'm sure I'll find a place for everything!

I have been busy myself too this week. Here's some progress on the bench:

The turqoise will be covered by white, so the colour gets trough the white when sanded for the old look. More on that next time.


donderdag 15 juli 2010


This is an old picture of my Misha, the black cat who gave the name to this blog, with behind him the fence we had to catch him from, 8 years ago. He put up a real fight when we came to take him and his buddy home from the asylum. A cat with a history, not trusting people.
 We've come a long way, and here we are today. Isn't he a cuty?

I've neglected my new followers, but it doesn't seem to keep you away ;). So here is a warm welcome to:
Janne Mauritzen
Anna Colosa
Oiseau deNim
Francesco Fiorino
Minnie Kitchen


Blogger is not showing a blog at many of your names. Please let me know if you do have a blog.

Hope you all will like my blog, keep returning and leave many nice comments :).


maandag 12 juli 2010

Start on furniture for the conservatory

I'm starting on a new piece of furniture for the conservatory. So far I only made small things, or used ready made furniture for a start. So I'm quite curious if I will succeed in making it the way it is in my head from scratch.
It is supposed to become a small bench, with storage beneath the seat.


zondag 11 juli 2010

Lamp for Sonya

I did not have much time to blog, to see your blogs, to keep up with my new followers (131 already, wow!) or to make miniatures lately, but I did make the lamp for Sonya, who won it in my give-away, with the fabric of her choice. I couldn't show it before, as I had to wait until she got it, but here's what I sended her.
I included a little basket for which I made the lining, and as a basket never should be empty, I put little bottles in it, matching the colourscheme. Two of them are made from beads, the big one comes from a bought set.
Here the light working:

The metal ring on the foot of the light is not painted here yet. I glued this on to the lamp to make it more stable (because of the thread it wants to fall over quite easily), and to push the thread into its groove in the wood. It hasn't become a perfect fit for the thread, as it should, but it's difficult to put pressure on such small, delicate pieces.

I'm glad Sonya liked it, and I hope it will fit the setting of her country bedroom as she wished it to.