maandag 25 april 2011

(A late) HAPPY EASTER!!!

A bit late, but I hope you all had a

I didn't have time to take pictures yesterday, but my Easter-themed bell jar is ready. Well, sort of. I wanted to add flowers, and a cat, and... I guess there will be another Easter next year, and how nice will it be to be able to add some things to it then. :-)

Branches of the curly willow with thingies hanging in it, are used as Easter decoration here. I used wood of my grape for this (the 'grips' of the climbing vine), as it curls in the same way.

View on the table:

I've put the chocolat bunny in a basket, I like that more than on a plate, where it was before.

All is made by me, except for the obvious things (glassware, plates, basket and cutlery, except for the butter-knife). It's my first miniature scene, that is finished, ready, done! I'm so proud of myself ;-).

Have a nice week!

donderdag 21 april 2011

With ornament & nest

With ornament, you all said, so here are the chairs, with ornament and pillows:

I hope you like them. Indeed they do match the table better with the ornament.

In the meanwhile I also have been busy to fill the upper part of the bell jar. I made a branch with a nest, with two little birdies:

The two bare birds are made of Fimo. There are a few real feathers in the nest, only 2-4 mm long. I find those in my garden, when the newborn birdies have flown from their nests. Not this year though: the birds seem very lazy in nest-making, not one of the nest-boxes on the garage has been occupied yet, while the weather has been perfect. :-(

The branch hangs in the bell jar:

And this is how it looks in total now:

Still much to do, but I'm getting there!

Thank you all for you thinking with me!


woensdag 20 april 2011

With or without?

Easter is coming soon, so I need to hurry with my Easter-scene. But this week my time-off from work started (well, I still need to do a few things at home, but the weather is too nice to spend much time inside the house), so I have more time now. I made two of these chairs:

They will be painted white and get a pillow to sit on in the same fabric as the table-cloth. I had planned to give them the same ornament as the table:

But now I'm not sure, I also like them without ornament:

But with ornament is nice too:

I need to make up my mind before I can paint them. So what do you think: with or without ornament?


zondag 3 april 2011

Progress on Easter table

Not that I do that much, just made some sweets, croissants and pains-au-chocolat of Fimo.

These Fimo-eggs are wrapped in real Easter-chocolate-egg-wrapping. They look so big on the photo, but they are only 2 mm! I also made the bowl.

I'm not totally happy with how the croissants and pains-au-chocolat look. They look good enough on the photo, but I think I over-used transparent Fimo. A good, crispy croissant is a bit transparent trough the layers, so I thought transparent would add realisme, but I'm not sure. Oh, I can always try and make more.

And I made a chocolate Easter bunny. It is surrounded by little sweet eggs, and two small sugar ducks.

Another view on the table:

Soon I will have more time for miniatures. With my health not improving the way I want to, and my job getting more stressful and demanding very day, I decided that it's time to take a step back. I'll take 3 months off. At first I felt heartbroken, as I leave my collegues behind with even more work to do. But the decision is made, I can't wait to get some rest. Well, 2-3 more weeks before I can go.
Do you know the serie Pride & Prejudice? The moment where Elizabeth gets a tour in the Darcy-house and is shown the room where the late mrs Darcy wrote her letters in the morning? It always sounded so peaceful to me. Now I dream of surfing through your blogs after breakfast, getting inspiration for the day :-).

Bye for now,