maandag 14 april 2014

1/144th scale cottage: the fitting

I had a serious talk with myself to blog more. It's good way to keep track of what I'm doing. And reading other blogs is inspirational: better to find what I like than on Facebook, and more personal than Pinterest. So even though I haven't got much to show...

It was advised to paint the components before removing them from the sheets, to be able to prevent curling up. So I did, three layers of paint and sanding before I was happy with the result. Then I started the fitting.

The components probably fit perfectly, as one should expect from a laser-cut-kit. But not anymore after painting, and the wood is thin and fragile, and my fingers feel like sausages while working on it. Superglue does miracles: the miracle of having a moving house on my fingers.

I think it's best to apply wallpaper and flooring now, before really assembling it. Delaying the furnishing :(.

Till next time!