maandag 5 mei 2014

1/144 bathroom

I made an extra room to be a bathroom. So far I'm quite happy with the result...

 ...except for the "big" glue blob next to the sink, where I planned a towel rack, but it did not stick, in despite of the very new bottle of tacky glue quick-dry. The tooth-brushes are way too big for this scale, but I couldn't get it any smaller, and I do like such details. The floor is made of a piece of a plastic wrapper of biscuits. There was a very small square pattern in relief in it. I tried to paint it, color on one side, white between the relief on the other side, thinking it would lead to perfect 1/144 tiles. But it didn't work: the squares looked round, unlike tiles. Only a white coat on one side looked a lot better, so that's what I did, but it hardly shows in the pictures.

At the other side of the wall the gap for the stairs.

When I put the structure on the table in the garden to photograph, a fly landed on it. It looked so funny, but it flew away before I could photograph it. Couldn't get one to walk on the structure, this was the closest I could get them.

Now a bath and a toilet, still hope to find something to use as a shape to start from. Making it from Fimo will be so difficult.

~to be continued~


3 opmerkingen:

Marisa zei

it's lovely, you did a wonderful job. the little sink is perfect for the space. it's so cute:)

Brandy Wilcoxen zei

So tiny and so lovely!

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